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Date Night Made Easy

Night In Boxes: Date Night In & Kids Night In on Oct 2020

I am horrible at planning date night! With small kids and no energy at the end of the day, it's hard to plan something new and exciting. That’s why I absolutely love Date Night In Box…it is so fun to see what exciting things they have packed into our box each month. The best part is, it’s a surprise for both of us and all (or almost all) of the supplies are provided right in the box!
I am surprised to read some of the negative reviews I have definitely get out of the date what you put in. I have also had great customer service experiences. I once received a broken item in my box and a replacement was in my mailbox the very next day!
I have been a little confused about who gets which box each month, but from my understanding, they rotate boxes (although everyone receives the same box around the holidays). At first, I wasn't sure about this concept, but it makes sense especially considering they offer single boxes or, I would have been bummed if I hadn't received their super fun paint night box or their foundation of love box!
We have had great experiences with our boxes! Most of the time, it's not about the physical contents of the box, but more about the connection the activity creates. My husband and I usually wind up laughing a lot during our dates and it is great bonding...

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