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I am not quirky enough I guess

Quirky-Crate on Jun 2018

I purchased 3 boxes. The first one, nearly everything got gifted to someone else. I don't like socks, especially "high top" socks. I am not a big candy girl. The pin was fine. Everything else? not for me. I don't like novelty purses unless they're good quality, so the milk crate purse went to someone else. The second box I got, the pouch popped in the mail. It looked like it would've been super cool though? It had things in it that I am guessing would have floated. The purse in this box, also was gifted. The last box I received was slightly more up my alley. With a unicorn cookie cutter... I don't know. I truly guess I am just not as quirky as I would have thought for someone who loves the things I love...

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