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A True French Experience!

Pastreez on Jul 2020

I ordered these as part of a gift for a close friend - They arrived promptly based on the expected ship date - she happened to be visiting with me when they arrived so I gave them to her right away. The box was big but the contents tiny in comparison but so cute!! Not a criticism, i just was used to the ones in our local Parisien bakery downtown DC. I was a little disappointed that she was only getting 2 flavors. I tend to agree with some of the other commentators that it would be much more fun (and more likely to continue to get them) if there was a great variety, e.g. a mix and match of 3 or 4 flavors - its a little boring to have so many the same when you do love them but wish for more variety. The quality is fantastic - they are Paris fresh! They are beautifully designed and very artistic, not a single flaw on the. I didnt like one of the flavors at all, not even sure what flavor it was. Neither of us could figure out but the chocolate one was delish (and I'm not a chocolate fan). The other was a tad bland and none discript - needed a kick of some flavor (lemon perhaps) to gizz it up but overall I thought they were pretty, dainty, very French cuisine. I'm pretty sure if I ordered them again,...

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Gift for a Friend!

Treats on Aug 2018

I bought this as a one off trail for a friend who is well travelled and loves trying new foods! The box we got was from Pakistan! There were loads of items in the box (if i recall they said 8?) There were 2 items on the list that were NOT in the box and she said 3 of the packets (1 x cookies) and 2 x snacks/chips were all stale. She's been to Pakistan so got a kick out of some of the items and already knew which ones were going to be really spicy (I tried one pack and no way I could eat them - wickedly spicy but she loved them). So overall I love the concept, love the excitement of getting unknown treats from an unknown location and I love the little cards that she got that told her about the products and a card with interesting information on Pakistan. For that reason I was impressed with the photos and the content but was a little disappointed that 1/3 of what she got were stale and 2 items were missing completely. I'm debating would I order it again and have it as a fun evening where we see what comes. Might try it, have to decide but great concept and guessing its hard to know what is fresh and what's not when you buy in bulk so not letting that spoil the surprise but disappointing when things...

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