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Mood Lamp

Creation Crate on Jun 2018

Got our Mood Lamp Kit to start our subscription. It was really fun working on this with my eight-year-old. I helped with some of the cutting of the box, and he pretty much wired it up himself. I had to fiddle with some connections and bend the LEDs just right to make them fit under the lampshade, but that's normal when you're building stuff. I let him type in the important parts of the code, and then I went back and added the comments and indenting to make it more readable and fix some of the typos/errors. Worked right away, which wasn't great, since it wasn't dark, but that's why you tweak the code. Upped the ambient light value, and it turned on and off as expected. I may fiddle with the code a little more to see if I can get a more gradual and noticeable fade effect. Can not wait for next month!

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