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Mini meditation box

Meditation Essentials on Oct 2018

Ummm wow. So much better than I ever could have expected! I got this box for my 5 year old son and I am beyond impressed. I’ve done several Cratejoy boxes and this is by far the best ever.
A bag of gorgeous rocks with meditation guide which helps his fidigiting. A singing bowl. An amazing treasure box to keep his hopes and dreams safe. A glitter sensory bottle to calm down with. A journal and more!
I can’t even describe how impressed I am with this.

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No products ever received

Used Books Monthly on Jun 2018

My account states I am on the 3rd of 6 months with Used Books Monthly yet I have never received a package. After not receiving my first package I assumed there was a mail issue so I reached out and got the following response

We were not aware of your box’s dead ma status. Unfortunately, it sounds like the post office may have lost in transit. In the rare event of this happening , we find it best just to replace the box. We will get a replacement out to you ASAP. Thank you for subscribing!


Sounded great! Yet here it is 20 days later and I am now not only missing the first package but the replacement package and the second package (hoping the third is on it's way!).

Maybe this is just my luck since the rest of the reviews look great, but I am not in a rural area where mail gets lost. I just want to read a book and not think that I blew $60 on nothing.

EDIT: I have been in contact with this seller multiple times and sent him not only my home but work address multiple times and never received ANY of my boxes. Somehow my 4 other cratejoy subscriptions show up without fail every month. At this point I am waiting to see if I actually get a refund or if that goes as missing as my boxes.

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Makes me happy

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2018

I like these boxes. Of course some are better than others but I find that when I am not "in love" with things inside they make great pick me up gifts for friends. I like waiting until a particularly stressful day to open them. I have even had a few friends sign up after seeing my boxes. If you're on the fence you should give it a try!

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