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Magic Room Brand on Jun 2018

I've been beating on Drums off & on for a few years, just for fun. I've watched a few instructional videos, and only recently, actually, taken my first lesson. So, I would hesitate to even call my self a novice. Therefore, I don't have enough of a delicate touch to describe things like, balance point, deflection, etc.
I use "American Grip". I, also, play on an old set of Roland Mesh Head E-Drums, so I cannot speak to their particular sound or tone, nor how long they would last on Acoustic Drums. Additionally, many years ago, I broke & dislocated my left hand in several places, and when they set my Ring Finger it is straight, but rotated slightly incorrectly and when I grip simething it leaves a gap from my middle finger, and slightly over laps in my pinky, and my ring finger doesn't close completely.
Therefore I can't really cradle the butt of the stick with those 2 fingers, evenly. Fatter 2B sticks are easier for me to hold in the front part of my hand, but are too heavy.
These are even lighter than my Ahead Lars Ulrich Sticks. Great for fast notes, but less feel/swing than I prefer for slower or more heavily grooved songs (which is always the trade off with any sticks). My natural correction for this is to make longer strokes, and feel like I need to put more force into them. However, then I'm...

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