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Authentic Recipes

SpiceBreeze on Oct 2021

The recipes and spices for this box are high quality and have good variety. The only issue I had were that some of the recipes turned out a little bland for us.

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Shaker & Spoon on Jun 2021

This subscription is great, but cost prohibitive for our budget. It made a great gift for a special occasion.

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My favorite box!

Japan Crate on Sep 2018

Japan crate day is my favorite day of the month. The themes are a little hit or miss for me, but are pretty fun. I get the largest box and every month it’s packed with great snacks — old favorites and always something new I’ve never tried. This is one that I highly recommend.

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Japan Crate on Aug 2018

One of my all-time favorite subscription boxes. Getting it always made my day and I loved sharing the individually packaged things with my friends. As a lover of older anime, I didn’t really know many of the ones the box featured but I still appreciated that aspect of the box.

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Great Subscription

FaceMaskTonight on Aug 2018

I loved this subscription, but had to cancel it because I just have too many masks now. I plan to re-subscribe in the near future. Great value for the price.

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Needs Some Customization

Frisky Britches on Aug 2018

The panties I received in my box were both good quality and had a decent fit. The problem was that I just did not like either of the pairs of pink, very feminine panties. I’m sure these pairs would have made someone else very happy, but not me. I only wish there was some way to customize your box, at least with color preferences.

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High Quality Cards

Lost Art Stationery on Aug 2018

I enjoyed the cards that came with this subscription a lot. My first month’s subscription included a card for Father’s Day, which was very much appreciated. The cards are all entirely blank inside to allow you to write your own message. They also come with envelopes that match the card, sometimes with embellishments like patterned paper. I only wish I had more occasions to send a card.

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