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December Box

My Hygge Joy on Dec 2018

Yikes! Wow! Happy holidays!
Just opened the December Box and I am struggling to find the proper words to convey how warm and wonderful this box is without giving it all away. I admire the homespun look of each item. It has the presence of a gift a close friend made by hand AND it took weeks to put together.
Let me know if you have any extras!

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1st Box

Glamour Jewelry on Nov 2018

Wow! Three pieces of beautiful gold jewelry. My daughter fell in love with the necklace and I gave it to her but would not let her have the bracelet and earrings. RIGHT up my alley as far as taste goes and a great value. Can't wait for next month's box!!!!!

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Cork Burning Kit

The Adults & Crafts Crate on Nov 2018

LOVE this! I have crafted for years and get so excited over a new idea that grabs me. I have never heard of burning on cork and cannot wait to try it.
Adults & Crafts surprises me every month with a NEW, FRESH idea that gets me going on something new. SO MUCH FUN.

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August Kit

The Adults & Crafts Crate on Sep 2018

The Mosaic Resin Tray was so much FUN to make. I get so excited when I learn a new way to use craft supplies. I would never have thought of this idea and can't wait to make more with the "wood trays" I have around.
Last week I cancelled my membership to save money for the holidays BUT just resubbed. So many inspirational ideas and at a great price. You think of everything!!!!
Peggy G.

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Surprise Box!!

Bibliophilic Excursions on Aug 2018

You guys are spoiling me. Thanks for the treats from London, San Francisco and Paris! I love surprises, you made my day. Wonderfully done!

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Adults & Crafts July Box

The Adults & Crafts Crate on Aug 2018

So excited to get to the tie-dye project. It's awesome how you include EVERYTHING (including table cover!) for at least two projects! Waiting for my daughter to join me before making. I bought the framed wire/air plant kit and LOVE the results.

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June Box

Paletteful Packs on Jun 2018

WOW! This is only my second box and I am so impressed. This was chock FULL of wonderful products. I'm so excited to make use of the black sketch paper, metallic colored pencils and ALL of the wonderful pens and pencils.

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