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My Sci Fi Club on Jun 2021

Just got my first box and its awesome. Its such a great deal. Cant wait to read the books.

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Lovin it

My Sci Fi Club on Jun 2021

So im on my third month. I like that the package is tracked and it always arrives before its expected delivery date. Which is always before they take out the money for next months package. Plus i have loved all the books and dvds that have arrived. So far all the books have been hard back except for one paperback. And they all are brand new. It really is a great deal.

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Charm With Me Club on Jun 2021

So i ordered a box for a friend. I told them the theme i wanted for my friend. So august arrived and my friend got the box. Thats when i learned they sent her the wrong theme. I emailed them and got a response quickly. They apologized for the mix up and said they would send out the correct beads. My friend got the right ones 3 days later. It didnt cost me any additional money. So great customer service. Plus i saw the beads and they are awesome. My friend loves her present.

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Loving it.

Tea, Simplicity Teas: #1 Rated Loose Leaf Tea Discovery Box on May 2019

So I have been getting this subscription for almost a year now. I love trying out the different flavors of tea. It gives me something new to try when im tired of the same old things that i usually drink. Now some flavors have become favorites and i would like to buy those specifically in bigger amount. I also love that around certain holidays ( or it could just be random months the send out a little gift.) when get something different to go with our teas. For example in February i got a Silicon lollipop diffuser which was a fun addition to my tea set. And in may i got a shampoo soap bar to try out. Which was funny because only the day before i was talking about wanting to try one but not sure where to get one. So it was an awesome surprise for me.

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