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The Bookworm Box on Jun 2018

One Book Box review:
Concern: Normally when I receive my monthly book box subscription(s), the box is secured with a piece of tape. The one book box for December was not.
As far as I can tell, nothing was missing from the box.
Inside the box:
The pen that a lot of us book nerds love so much has a new look and I would have given this review five stars, but my pen is broken. I can't click it, it doesn't retract. That makes me sad. It does still write so it's not a complete loss.
A signed bookmark by author Skye Warren - SCORE!
A prologue/sneak peak of If I'd Known by Rebecca Donovan - love this marketing by the author. What a way to draw the reader in to hopefully purchase the book. I'll be loading my Kindle Gift Card to do just that as soon as I've finished Christmas shopping for everyone else.
The book - Until Harry by L.A. Casey; A new-to-me author and a nice length-sized book at 309 pages. Love the cover and the back intrigued me to want to read this as soon as I have time (why, because I'm easy when it comes to stuff like this).
And the Happy Holidays card - too adorable!
Thank you for everything Bookworm Box crew!

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