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Flo | Tampons & Pads Photo 1Flo | Tampons & Pads Photo 1
Flo | Tampons & Pads

by MyLadyBug

A monthly period subscription service that delivers your monthly products directly to your door.
From €7.92 / box
The Luxe Photo 1The Luxe Photo 1
10% Off
The Luxe

by My Comma

For the menstruator who wants ultimate pampering during their cycle.
From $72.25$65.03 / box
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Shark Week Survival Kit Photo 1Shark Week Survival Kit Photo 1
15% Off
Shark Week Survival Kit

by Shark Week Survival Kit LLC

A thoughtfully curated organic period subscription service with every kind of woman in mind.
From $27.50$23.38 / box
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Rose War Panty Power Photo 1Rose War Panty Power Photo 1
50% Off
Rose War Panty Power

by Rose War Panty Power

An organic monthly period, underwear, beauty, and lifestyle subscription box!
From $22.68$11.34 / box
Beauty Box Photo 1Beauty Box Photo 1
Beauty Box

by Shes Back NZ

The perfect beauty and period subscription box
From $35.00 / box
Self Care / Period Care Box Photo 1Self Care / Period Care Box Photo 1
Self Care / Period Care Box

by CottoLove

A monthly subscription box for women that promotes period care and self care!
From $44.66 / box
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