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A monthly care package for adoptive mothers-in-waiting
Kites & Ivy

Give the care package she really wants - delivered throughout the academic year!

Create Everyday Moments with your dog through a care package of paw-picked toys & USA-made treats.
Homesick Boxes

Monthly surprise gifts for your college students away from home.

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Your College K.I.T.
Monthly college necessities delivered to your door
The Unibox
A monthly dose of wellbeing for students
Unique handmade products shipped monthly in a reusable craft box!
College and boarding school survival every single month! Keeping parents happy and worry free.
Lotus Box
A Subscription Box for PMS
College Delivery Club
College student care packages made easy! No shopping, no packing, no trips to the post office.
Taffy Lane
Salt Water Taffy delivered to your front door or office every month!
A monthly period subscription service that delivers your monthly products directly to your door.
Honey & Sage Company

A Women's Wellness Care Package

Senior Delight
A personalized monthly care package for grandparents, elderly parents, & other favorite seniors.
Salty Bath
All natural, organic self-care packages delivered right to your door!
Natural Vegan Body Care
Compostable packaging, food-grade natural and plant-based.