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Chocolate and book
Enjoy a monthly book delivery from a genre of your choice, a chocolate treat, and a hot drink.
from £14.67/mo.
Jackie's Chocolate
Creamy truffles, chewy caramels and artisan chocolates delivered to your door each month.
from $17.95/3 mo.
Coffee Hot Chocolate
Local craft coffees from around the world and gourmet hot chocolate kits.
from $31.00/mo.
The Original Gourmet Chocolate Club
Artisanal Chocolates from the World's best Chocolatiers, Handmade From Pure, Premium Ingredients.
from $42.95/3 mo.
Us | The Bean to Bar Chocolate Box
Bean to Bar Unrefined Chocolate Tasting and Pairing Experience
from $28.30/mo.
Chokola Club
Chokola Club is a bean to bar chocolate subscription box. For rebels only.
from €38.00/box

Monthly subscription box featuring candy, chocolates, and more from around the world!

from $22.33/mo.
The Russia Box
The Best Russian, Soviet, Slavic and Eastern European Snacks and Lifestyle Items Delivered to You!
from $22.99/box
Bringing the world together to you through international snacks, one country at a time!
from $13.75/mo.
Glitter'd Bake Shop
Gourmet baked & glittered desserts delivered monthly!
from $45.67/mo.
The Cocoa & Roast Club

Perfectly matched batch roasted coffee and luxury chocolate monthly subscription club.

from £18.53/mo.
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The Chocoholic Tribe
Cure your cravings with "made from scratch" chocolates, caramels, truffles, fudge, toffee & more!
from $32.95/mo.
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YA book box, with a sweet treat & a candle in every box. It's the perfect self-care treat!
from £25.50/box
The Pretzel Co.
Gourmet handcrafted chocolate dipped pretzels and flavor of the month!
from $23.33/mo.
Treated! Crate
A snack and treat variety crate customized and chosen by YOU!
from $9.00/mo.
Nettie's Craft Brownies
The Original Chocolate Dipped Brownie Bites
from $28.99/mo.
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Yummi Yum box
from £14.00/mo.
Mi Cookies Co.
Chewy and Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies by the Dozen by Mi Cookie Co.
Kekao Box
The Best Monthly Craft Chocolate Subscription Box.
from $39.92/mo.
Bar & Cocoa
A chocolate subscription box delivering the best chocolate from around the world.
from $39.92/3 mo.
Crate British
A selection of unique tasty British candy and snacks that are different each month.
from $20.99/mo.
Candy Care Package
Mouthwatering candy confections shipped monthly to your door!
from $28.99/mo.
Candy Shop Box
A selection of gourmet chocolate and artisanal treats delivered to your door each month.
from $28.33/mo.
Wildflower Confections
Handmade Artisan Chocolates from Montana!
from $21.00/mo.