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Divine Empowerment

Learn to embody the life of a goddess with your magical Goddess Box.

Each month, inspire GIRLS to believe they can BE and DO anything.
A Hint Of Sparkle
Empowers girls to Bloom into that amazing girl they are. Love who they are and always Sparkle!
INSPIRED Subscription Box

Be INSPIRED to promote HEALING, achieve BALANCE, and set positive INTENTION, holistically.

The Lollipop Tree by in·ten·tion·al·i·ty
The box with purpose & community.
Mogul Behaviour Box

A unique subscription box for sassy and ambitious females!

Grey Skies & Sunshine
Love, Kindness, and Paying it Forward with Notes for all the Seasons of Life by Graceful Sage
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What's In Your Box?
The curated monthly subscription box for women's sexual health & satisfaction!

Empowering girls one t-shirt at a time!

Bliss Kit
Bliss Kit - a curated experience of enlightening rituals, natural products and empowering wisdom
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The Wish Box by Wishlets
The Wish Box is a monthly subscription box that will motivate, empower, and inspire you!
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TuTu Royal is a monthly delivery of princess dresses, tutu’s, tiaras and tools of STEM empowerment.


Christian subscription box to explore one Bible story every month. Perfect for children ages 5-10.


Our boxes feature an amazing woman in history, to inspire young girls to be incredible.