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Each month, inspire GIRLS to believe they can BE and DO anything!

Dainty Fire
Monthly t-shirt subscription box/mailer for the empowered woman.
I Care Crate
Mindfulness + Self-Care for Awesome Women (Moms, College Students, Millennials, Boss Ladies)
Mogul Behaviour Box

A unique subscription box for sassy and ambitious females!

Pink Latte

Graphic tees with a positive, empowering vibe. Feel good inside and out!!

What's In Your Box?

The curated monthly subscription box for women's sexual health & satisfaction!

Sold Out
A Hint Of Sparkle
Empowers girls to Bloom into that amazing girl they are. Love who they are and always Sparkle!
Empowering girls one t-shirt at a time!
Good Stewards
Empowering Christians to become better Stewards of God's Creation!
Divine Soul Journey

A monthly delivery of female empowerment boxes.

Superpower Academy
Hands-on Maker Projects, Stories and Play Empower Kids with REAL WORLD Skills for Lifelong Success
Wonder Crate
A box that builds emotional intelligence and empowers kids ages 5-8 to make a difference.
Beam Team Co.
Monthly feminist subscription box that highlights self love, women-empowerment, and philanthropy.
Get My Moxie

Themed Monthly Subscription Box for Women that Gives Back to and Empowers Women


TuTu Royal is a monthly delivery of princess dresses, tutu’s, tiaras and tools of STEM empowerment.


Our boxes feature an amazing woman in history, to inspire young girls to be incredible.

Bi-monthly subscription box combining personal & professional development.