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Luna's crafty magick Photo 1Luna's crafty magick Photo 1
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Luna's crafty magick
1 review
Monthly delivery of witchy magick
Greenboxmonthly Photo 1Greenboxmonthly Photo 1
From as little as £44.99 per month. 30 day rolling contracts. Free Delivery. No Hidden Fees.
From £44.99/mo.
A Cosmic Crystal Box sits on a tree stump with amethyst crystals all around it.A Cosmic Crystal Box sits on a tree stump with amethyst crystals all around it.
Cosmic Crystal Box
28 reviews
Hand selected and carefully curated selection of natural crystals, stones or minerals each month
From $19.25/mo.
Health & Wellness Photo 1Health & Wellness Photo 1
Health & Wellness

by Hemp Crate Co

142 reviews
This box has all the best topicals, capsules, tinctures & other CBD products out there!
From $31.67/mo.
The Copper Berry Photo 1The Copper Berry Photo 1
The Copper Berry
3 reviews
Book Club
From $19.99/mo.
Fierce AF Club Photo 1Fierce AF Club Photo 1
Fierce AF Club
Monthly box inspiring women to be their most authentic selves
From $12.12/mo.
Tincture 'N Treat Photo 1Tincture 'N Treat Photo 1
Tincture 'N Treat

by Hemp Crate Co

Each month you will get one premium CBD tincture and a treat!
From $25.00/mo.
The Mobility Box Photo 1The Mobility Box Photo 1
The Mobility Box

by YouVeda

Support a healthy inflammatory response while also supporting overall muscle and joint mobility
From $71.95/mo.
The Positivity Box Photo 1The Positivity Box Photo 1
The Positivity Box

by YouVeda

This bundle provides you complete mood and adrenal support, and promotes healthy gut function
From $71.95/mo.
From a my essential oils pair box, 3 essential oils rollers. They are for digestion, mood, immunity, and joints.From a my essential oils pair box, 3 essential oils rollers. They are for digestion, mood, immunity, and joints.
My Essential Oils Pair Box

by YouVeda

2 reviews
Ayurvedic Essential Oils to Support Mood, Body & Spirit
From $32.31/mo.
You Matter!® Box Photo 1You Matter!® Box Photo 1
You Matter!® Box
19 reviews
The number 1 box to promote positive thinking and positive self-esteem!
From $5.00/mo.
HERBO Discovery Box Photo 1HERBO Discovery Box Photo 1
HERBO Discovery Box


3 reviews
A CBD infused discovery box of the six best selling HERBO products in convenient travel sizes.
From $17.50/mo.
purp-ess box Photo 1purp-ess box Photo 1
purp-ess box
110 reviews
<p>A Christian inspired bath soap subscription box!</p>
From $8.40/mo.
The Ripple Effect Box Photo 1The Ripple Effect Box Photo 1
The Ripple Effect Box

by The Ripple Effect

The subscription box that supports small businesses & nonprofit organizations.
From $39.99/mo.
Peaceful Post Photo 1Peaceful Post Photo 1
Peaceful Post

by Postalist

1 review
One postcard a month, delivering a dose of mindfulness in your mailbox.
From $6.00/mo.
Woodland Soap and Scents Photo 1Woodland Soap and Scents Photo 1
Woodland Soap and Scents
Monthly Essentials Soap Box
From $25.00/mo.
Gogh Box Art Crate Photo 1Gogh Box Art Crate Photo 1
Gogh Box Art Crate
4 reviews
Monthly Acrylic Painting Kits with Online Tutorials!
Wolf & Thyme Photo 1Wolf & Thyme Photo 1
Wolf & Thyme
46 reviews
Monthly Self-Care Magick with Art, Rituals, Spiritual Tools, Holistic Care & Crystals
Best in Category Badge
Scattering Hope Photo 1Scattering Hope Photo 1
Scattering Hope
A monthly subscription box created to help someone begin to heal after losing someone to suicide.
From $55.00/mo.
Monthly Mystery Box Photo 1Monthly Mystery Box Photo 1
Monthly Mystery Box

by Rainbow Rocks

Monthly Mystery Crystal Box
From $65.50/mo.
Choose Your Subscription Photo 1Choose Your Subscription Photo 1
Choose Your Subscription

by Natural Wellness Box

2 reviews
We have been voted The Best Beauty Box 2021 in The Beauty Shortlist Awards!
From £36.33/box
Walker Homestead Photo 1Walker Homestead Photo 1
Sold Out
Walker Homestead
13 reviews
<p>Handcrafted and Handpicked Products Delivered right to your door!</p>
From $5.17/mo.
ZenChest Photo 1ZenChest Photo 1

by Zen Chest

Nordic Wellness Packages
From $32.00/qtr.
Lady Box, Inc. Photo 1Lady Box, Inc. Photo 1
Lady Box, Inc.
15 reviews
Lady Box - Organic Period Care & Comfort Conveniently Delivered at Your Doorstep
From $24.00/mo.