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Magical Reads Crate
Monthly Young Adult book crate catered to adults! Usable high quality items delivered monthly.
Magickal Earth
Crystals,Tarot and Astrology: What does next month hold in store for you!
Magic Fragrance Box
The most magical scents on earth straight to your front door
Magick Moon

Learn about Essential Oils - one oil at a time. Each month features a different essential oil.

Magickal Folk
Multitasking at its finest!
Magic Room Brand
A monthly delivery of eco-friendly drumsticks and guitar picks.
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Magic Chest

Monthly fantasy book box for adventurers!

The Magic Subscription Box
Receive monthly boxes full of magical effects and password protected video tutorials.
Olde Magick
Merry Meet! Olde Magick offers products for the Modern Witch in all of us. Blessed Be!
Club Magic Hour
Club Magic Hour is a monthly Wellness Tea & Transformational Teaching Subscription Box
Black Girl Magic Box
Self care box for black women.
My Box Of Magic
A monthly box of professional quality magic for serious students of the conjuring arts.
Bath Box by Magickal Earth

Your monthly delivery of handcrafted, cruelty-free bath products, crystals and candles.

Ravyns Nest Eclectic Magic
Ecletic magic subscription box containing assorted tools for divination.
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Sacred Space Crate
Uniquely Spell Crafted items for the Wise Ones of the Craft
Enchanted Crystal
Curated selection of crystals and minerals, delivered monthly!
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Cauldron Crate
Wizarding world mystery Chest filled with handcrafted goodies!
Mystic Boxx

A monthly subscription box curated for your spiritual needs!

Nova Luna Box
A New Moon Subscription Box
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Handcrafted Magickal Monthly Offerings - "Be Brave. Be Powerful. Be Beautiful.™"
The Young Scientists Club

The Magic School Bus and Clifford science clubs deliver award-winning science kits for ages 3-12

Roksy Boksy
Crystals and Minerals That Spark Joy!
Monthly subscription box for 8-12 yr olds. Each box contains books, goodies, and online content.
Triwizard Club
Triwizard Club - A Harry Potter T-shirt Subscription