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Whey Better Bakery
Handcrafted peanut butter cups loaded with protein and great taste to satisfy your sweet tooth
Handcrafted Peanut Butter Cups sent directly to your door!
Locally roasted coffee & motivational booklets, and accessories to keep you inspired
Single Cup Club
If you are always looking for something new & you love coffee, then Single Cup Club has you covered
Edmond's Cuisine

Travel Through Taste

Culture Cakes Kit
Taste & bake the world! Get exotic ingredients, unique snacks and cultural fusion cupcake recipes!
A unique educational food & culture “explorer box”
Explore new cuisines with freshly ground spices from culinary traditions all over the world.
Sold Out
Flavor Noire Inc.
International Cuisine Delivered To Your Door Each Month - Now Featuring: All American
Chai Kit
Brew your own delightfully balanced cup of chai without a strainer. Ships free.
A careful selection of gourmet italian food. Top quality Italian flavors at your doorstep monthly.
Lollies By Leah
A monthly themed box with 16 unique lollipop flavors each month!