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Puzzle box

Great monthly puzzles for all puzzle lovers.

Escape the Crate
An "escape the room" game in your own living room!
Au-some Tribe
Ausome suprise every month.
Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that lets you wear the detective hat!
Cosykiller is an interactive murder mystery subscription box for the armchair sleuth
Madmen & Heroes
Challenging mystery boxes full of puzzles & ciphers with tales rooted in history
The Gray Matter Sodality
A monthly, story-driven puzzle subscription.
Finders Seekers Mysteries
Great Date Night! Explore the globe, decipher clues & solve puzzles with this mystery subscription!
The Deadbolt Mystery Society
Solve a new stand-alone mystery each month from The Deadbolt Mystery Society.
Together Unplugged
Together Unplugged
Sleuth Kings
Immerse yourself in an interactive monthly mystery. Work with our Lead Detective to solve the case.
Storytime Magazine
Storytime is the best time! Fairy tales, legends, funny poems, awesome animals, puzzles & activies
Word Search that reads like a book; bold words in the text can be found in the puzzle (cool huh?).
ParaBox - Paranormal Mystery Tees
Paranormal t-shirts with hidden elements that could lead you to some FREE Merchandise! Come Play!!!
Sold Out
The One Crime Mystery
Mystery-solving case files. Free Shipping Canada and US!