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Cosykiller is an interactive murder mystery subscription box for the armchair sleuth
The Gray Matter Sodality
A monthly, story-driven puzzle subscription.
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Puzzle box

Great monthly puzzles for all puzzle lovers.

Escape the Crate
An "escape the room" game in your own living room!

Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that lets you wear the detective hat!

The Conundrum Box
A monthly adventure box, part escape room, part choose your own adventure!
Madmen & Heroes

Challenging mystery boxes full of puzzles & ciphers with tales rooted in history

Deadbolt Mystery Society
Solve a new stand-alone mystery each month from The Deadbolt Mystery Society.
ParaBox - Paranormal Mystery Tees
Paranormal t-shirts with hidden elements that could lead you to some FREE Merchandise! Come Play!!!
Finders Seekers Mysteries
Explore the globe, decipher clues & solve puzzles with this mystery subscription!
Curious Subscriptions - Pins & Riddles
The Pins & Riddles Box is a fun monthly subscription with cute pins and riddles.
Together Unplugged

Together Unplugged

Sleuth Kings
Immerse yourself in an interactive monthly mystery. Work with our Lead Detective to solve the case.