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Female Rituals
detox your box with our yoni steaming herbs
Club Magic Hour
Club Magic Hour is a monthly Wellness Tea & Transformational Teaching Subscription Box
Deep Woods Coven
Authentic Ancient Spells, tools, instruction, and knowledge curated by our Coven
Half Hippy
Manifest Your Magick Ritual Kit - Exclusive Spiritual + Tarot Box ( one time only)
Lucky Dragonfly Shop
Monthly Spiritual Ritual Box
Tamed Wild Box
Monthly delivery of earth magic & intention setting rituals
Sha Mama Rising
Monthly Ritual DOWNLOAD //OR// Quarterly Curated Box to support Self-Care & Spiritual Growth
Sold Out
A Ritual Tea Box that has journeyed through time from temples to palaces to find its way to you.
Modern Skyn Apothecary
Monthly Bath & Body Ritual Box
Spiral Rain
Crystals, jewelry, aromatherapy, rituals and herbs to align with the Universe's monthly energy
Sold Out
Spirit Trading Company
Lift Your Spirit each month with Love, Inspiration, Ritual and Rejuvenation for Free Spirits!
Rx for the Soul

Award Winning Gift Books, stunning Treasures of the Spirit and beautiful Guided Rituals.

Salty Bath
All natural, holistic bath packages that combine meditation and self-care!
Frisky Fish
Monthly mini kits of aromatherapy, crystals and other spiritual tools.
Chasin' Unicorns
The ONLY crystal zodiac themed subscription box on the market dedicated to Self Love💌