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30 reviews
Black Owned Vegan Beauty, Hair, and Self-Care box
From $2.08/mo.
Emotional Health Journey Photo 1Emotional Health Journey Photo 1
Emotional Health Journey

by Emotional Boxage

6 reviews
A one of a kind way to experience personal growth by encouraging you to embrace ALL emotions
From $44.95/mo.
Crystal and Self Care Delights for the Soul Photo 1Crystal and Self Care Delights for the Soul Photo 1
Crystal and Self Care Delights for the Soul

by UniverseDelights

Personalized Crystal Subscription Box with Powerful Spiritual Tools from the Universe!
From $33.33/mo.
My Favorite Happy Box (Virtual Spa and Self-Care Box) Photo 1My Favorite Happy Box (Virtual Spa and Self-Care Box) Photo 1
My Favorite Happy Box (Virtual Spa and Self-Care Box)

by My Favorite Happy Box

6 reviews
Great monthly self-care/lifestyle box
From $56.66/mo.
Nature's Wellness Box Photo 1Nature's Wellness Box Photo 1
Nature's Wellness Box
16 reviews
Monthly Aromatherapy and Lifestyle Subscription Box Featuring Non-Toxic, Natural, Vegan Products
From $35.50/mo.
Mommy and Me Box Photo 1Mommy and Me Box Photo 1
Mommy and Me Box

by Mommy and Mees

This is a quarterly Subscription Box for Moms and Little Ones!
From $49.95/qtr.
Recovery Wellness Box Photo 1Recovery Wellness Box Photo 1
Recovery Wellness Box

by Recovery Wellness

13 reviews
Recovery❤ Rejuvenation❤ Wellness❤ Spirituality❤ Self-Care❤
From $31.93/mo.
A Little Zen Box Photo 1A Little Zen Box Photo 1
A Little Zen Box

by My Little Magic Shop

3 reviews
Astrology inspired rituals & self care tools for your monthly self love routine, to your door.
From $33.17/mo.
Mama Needs Box Photo 1Mama Needs Box Photo 1
Mama Needs Box
30 reviews
A curated, monthly self-care subscription box for Mamas
From $35.99/mo.
Baby Bruja Box Photo 1Baby Bruja Box Photo 1
Baby Bruja Box

by BrownSugar Voodoo

For Brujas of all ages to learn, grow, and set intentions
From $14.81/mo.
Naked Love Box Photo 1Naked Love Box Photo 1
Sold Out
Naked Love Box
1 review
Healthy Relationship Building for Busy Couples
From $49.99/mo.
Korean Mask Box Photo 1Korean Mask Box Photo 1
Sold Out
Korean Mask Box
1 review
Monthly Korean Sheet Mask Subscription. Try The Best Sheet Masks Directly From Korea!
From $18.95/mo.
Bi-Monthly Subscription Plan Photo 1Bi-Monthly Subscription Plan Photo 1
Bi-Monthly Subscription Plan

by BlackOnyx Box

Self-Care Subscription Box featuring BLACK OWNED BRANDS ONLY
From $30.95/box
Little This, Little That Box Photo 1Little This, Little That Box Photo 1
Little This, Little That Box

by JorTene' Arts

Handcrafted goodies to include drinkware, candles, art, coasters, tea and more!
From $65.00/mo.
Buy Local Box Photo 1Buy Local Box Photo 1
Buy Local Box
3 reviews
<p>Vermont-made artisan products that encourage emotional, social, and spiritual wellness</p>
From $41.67/mo.
Soulful Journey Box Photo 1Soulful Journey Box Photo 1
Soulful Journey Box
Soulful Journey Subscription Box - Food For The Soul
From $39.99/mo.
KweenBox - Beauty Subscription Box Photo 1KweenBox - Beauty Subscription Box Photo 1
Sold Out
KweenBox - Beauty Subscription Box

by Kween Beauty Box

KweenBox is a trimonthly beauty box for ALL women.
From £25.00/qtr.
My Me Time Box- Selfcare Box for Women Photo 1My Me Time Box- Selfcare Box for Women Photo 1
My Me Time Box- Selfcare Box for Women

by My Me Time Box

4 reviews
Thoughtfully curated self-care box for moms, entrepreneurs, caregivers, teachers, and busy women
From $41.67/mo.
Wake and Bake Box Photo 1Wake and Bake Box Photo 1
Wake and Bake Box

by Wake and Bake

17 reviews
<p>A monthly box of finely selected smoking items and coffee accessories. FREE SHIPPING within the US</p>
From $53.00/mo.
Monthly Beauty Box Photo 1Monthly Beauty Box Photo 1
Monthly Beauty Box

by TheIndyBox

The monthly subscription supporting independent beauty brands during a time they need it most.
From £28.50/mo.
Milpowerment- SHEROES BOX Photo 1Milpowerment- SHEROES BOX Photo 1
Milpowerment- SHEROES BOX
First and only subscription curated by military ladies for empowerment of female service members!
From $37.50/mo.
Radiation Relief 3-box subscription Photo 1Radiation Relief 3-box subscription Photo 1
Radiation Relief 3-box subscription

by Balm Box

<p>Featuring Self Care and Gift Subscriptions for patients undergoing radiation therapy</p>
From $199.99/mo.
HoneyBee Great Box Photo 1HoneyBee Great Box Photo 1
HoneyBee Great Box
Our HoneyBee Great Boxes are filled with Inspiration, Motivation, Love and GREATNESS!!
From $44.99/mo.
June Travel & Wellness Subscription Box Photo 1June Travel & Wellness Subscription Box Photo 1
June Travel & Wellness Subscription Box

by Gold N Silk

1 review
Introducing the modern woman to diverse merchandise from around the world.
From $63.00/mo.