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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box

Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!

Minx Lit
Creativity Inspired! Monthly surprises and resources for the Creative Girl Boss.
Balance Box
An assortment of gifts to promote personal self care with a therapeutic twist

Delivering self-care in a box for the busy mom!

We hand pick different scents monthy for you like, soaps, creams, and candles which are local.
Healthy Girls Box

A Healthy Box for a Healthy Lifestyle Design for Women by Women

Bella Soul
Get 4-6 intuitively picked items for spiritual growth & healing

All-natural health and wellness products delivered to your door.

Pause and Unwind
Treat her to a wonderful relaxation kit featuring amazing women-owned businesses! Ships May 1st
SensiBox by Spiced UP
Monthly smoker's lifestyle box that is hand curated specifically For HER and For HIM.
Hygge Bundle of Love

Comfort items. Something to hug you, nourish you, inspire you and comfort you. Shared monthly.

Discovery Club
"Bringing Wellness to the World"
The Wallflower Box

Introvert happiness delivered straight to your doorstep!

Sha Mama Rising

Monthly curated shamanic-inspired, plant-based products to support Mama's Self-Care

Zenspiration Boxes

A monthly box of Love, Gratitude, Creativity, and Playfulness that inspire you to get out of your

Sensimilla Goddess
An amazing monthly subscription for all smoking enthusiasts!
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Sunshine Alley Boxes
Encouragement and self-care for those who battle Mental Illness, Anxiety and Chronic Pain.
What's In Your Box?

The curated monthly subscription box for women's sexual health & satisfaction!

Affordable self-care subscription box delivering better fitness, beauty & wellness products to you!
Love Yours Gives
Must-have life-style box that promotes self-care and gives back to women in need.
Bi-monthly subscription box combining personal & professional development.
Pax & Lux

Monthly self-care for pregnancy, birth, and the first months of parenthood.

Dote Crate

A relaxing monthly subscription box that brings self-care to you monthly.

Smoker's Digest Box

Cannabis Curations for Connoisseurs

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