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TheraBox - Mindful Ingredients to Happiness
Mindfully curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy!
Artisan & Handmade Subscription Boxes
Balance Box
An assortment of gifts to promote personal self care with a therapeutic twist.
Spiritual, New Age & Crystal Subscription Boxes
Sabbatical Beauty
Korean Beauty-Inspired Skincare With High Levels of Active Ingredients Monthly
Organic & Natural Beauty Subscription Boxes
The Wallflower Box
A monthly care package for the quietly fierce introvert!
Artisan & Handmade Subscription Boxes
Honey & Sage Company

A Care Package for Women's Wellness.

Spiritual, New Age & Crystal Subscription Boxes
What's In Your Box?

The curated monthly subscription box for women's sexual health and satisfaction!

Adult Subscription Boxes
Your monthly mama self care box, created specifically for you by a therapist.
Subscription Boxes for Women

Self-care and soul nourishment

Bath & Soap Subscription Boxes
The Pleasure Parlor
The only adult-themed, intimate subscription box curated by a pleasure products industry veteran.
Lingerie Subscription Boxes
Spoonie Essentials Box
A Chronic illness Themed Self Care Pick-me-up Package, Delivered!
DIY Subscription Boxes
Mum O'Clock

Thoughtful gift boxes designed to help mothers unwind & make self-care a daily habit

Maternity & Pregnancy Subscription Boxes
Sunshine Alley Boxes

Encouragement and self-care for those who battle Mental Illness, Anxiety and Chronic Pain.

Spiritual, New Age & Crystal Subscription Boxes
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