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Sugar Smart Box
Sugar Smart Low Carb, Keto & Diabetic friendly snacks delivered monthly + FREE shipping!
Themed curated gift box. Creative & Thoughtful gifts. Sugar simply means "be sweet"
Candy Girls

A sweet treat that won’t send you to the dentist.

Taffy Lane
Salt Water Taffy delivered to your front door or office every month!
Sugarbird Sweets
Bringing afternoon tea to your home with artisanal scones, teas + shortbread each month
SugarStar Cookie Artist Box
Make Gorgeous Sugar Cookies With This Monthly Box of Cookie Artist Supplies
Sold Out

Handcrafted Magickal Monthly Offerings - "Be Brave. Be Powerful. Be Beautiful.™"

Classic Candy Box

Hard-to-find classic candy delivered to your doorstep every month! Different variety every month!

Nostalgic Candy Club
A box of retro, nostalgic and old school candy delivered monthly!
Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan
Handmade Natural Beauty Products Delivered Monthly
Winstead Candy Box
Delicious premium candy box! All boxes are currently listed at $10 off!
The Lollipop Tree Journey
The one-of-a-kind guided journal experience for busy women delivered monthly right to your door.
Luxe Sugar Mama
This is THE box for those seeking delectable bath goods, body products, candles and more!
Sold Out
MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses™
A unique witchy box with an earthy, gothic style!
Nail Gloves by Candy
Nail Gloves by Candy: Gloves with Acrylic Decorated Nails to make you sparkle sweetly!
The Sweets Box
Unique candy delivered to you monthly
Leading Mexican snacks and candy subscription service that ships to you monthly.
Japan Crate

Japan Crate: Experience the excitement of Japan through monthly crates!

Disney subscription box service delivering authentic snacks and treats directly from Disney World.
Tride 'N Chew
A monthly subscription for gum lovers!
BIKKURI BOX (from Japan)
BIKKURI BOX from Japan
Aaron's Sweet Shop
Canada's biggest delivered box of candy & chocolate!
Hoodrat Snacks
Best Hoodrat Snack box to meet all your spicy, salty, sour, and sweet needs!
Munchie Case
The perfect mix of snacks when you get a case of the munchies. Delivered directly to you.