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Sage Goddess Magical Mail Box
Crystal Gemstone Shop
Quality crystals, gemstones & minerals from around the world sent right to your front door
Sold Out
Monthly well-rounded products and experiences designed to boost well being and keep you focused
Orange Peel Box
Summer Love Box is Here. Aromatherapy for Your Room, Your Body and Your Spirit.
WEvolve Box
Inspiration to connect with the Universe within
The Lady of Light
A blend of rare, metaphysical, handcrafted items from around the world, up to 60% off retail!
Crystal&Candle Box
A raw crystal, hand poured soy wax candle, and two to three other crystal based items every month.
A monthly holistic and mystical lifestyle subscription box ☾
Sha Mama Rising
Punky, Witchy, Shamanic & Plant-based products to support Self-Care & Spiritual Growth
The Box of Om
Body and Soul Chakra Balance, Wellness and Serenity
Charm Collective
Hold space for yourself & your spiritual journey with tools from a variety of traditions.
Self Goddess

Self Goddess is a monthly subscription promoting self-love with fashion, spirituality, & self care

avondale/active is a monthly lifestyle subscription box curated by top active experts.
Awakening in a Box
Bringing tools of enlightenment to your doorstep.
Frisky Fish

Monthly mini kits of aromatherapy, crystals and other spiritual tools.

Feeling Fab
Curated Subscription of Wellness Products, Yoga Tools, and Self-Care Rituals
Rose & Plume

Eclectic collections to enhance spiritual wellness

The Witches Moon™

The Most Unique Witchcraft Subscription Box Of Its Kind

Honey & Sage Company
A Women's Wellness Care Package
Sold Out
Dearest Me
A carefully curated & crafted box to help heal your relationship with yourself, your body and food.
Sold Out
The Divine Self & The Blend Box

A yoga subscription boxes dedicated to enhancing your yogic journey, both on and off the mat.

Enchanted Crystal
Curated selection of crystals and minerals, delivered monthly!

A monthly subscription box for women that promotes womb wellness and spiritual health!