6 Ways to Acquire More Customers for Your Subscription Business

“Customer acquisition” may sound intimidating, but in short, it deals with the art of growing your business. As you “onboard” (bring in) more subscribers, you increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue and generate more data regarding your average Customer Lifetime Value. Moreover, purchasing becomes much easier! Customer acquisition is centered around 6 main methods: free (also known as “organic”) social

Don’t Ignore Customers Who Cancel

I was just about to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription the other day – I noticed I wasn’t using it as much as I used to. I clicked the cancel subscription button and was immediately taken to a new page.

“We’re sorry to see you go, but would you consider keeping your subscription and get a free month on us?”

A whole free month!? I started thinking about why I got Hulu Plus in the first place – “You know I really do like having it, and a free month is a huge bonus.”

I kept it.

Scribbler Unboxed | Part 2

Welcome back to “Unboxed,” Cratejoy’s merchant success series. Each month, we’ll learn tips, tricks, and subscription box secrets from Cratejoy’s top merchants. Let’s catch up with Victoria Scott, Ryan Scott, and Lindsay Cummings from Scribbler! You can find Part 1 of their interview on our blog (and find these folks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). What do you

Email Marketing 101 for Subscription Boxes

Email may not sound as flashy as newer communications platforms like social media. But in reality, you can net more customers with email marketing than Facebook. According to OptinMonster, 66% of customers make purchases through email promotions, while Facebook and Twitter only succeed, respectively, 20% and 6% of that time. That means if you’re not