10 Marketplaces To Sell Your Stuff Online

As e-commerce slowly chips away at brick and mortar stores (no pun intended), it is imperative to anyone running a retail business to get their share if they want to grow. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans do at least some shopping online, and 43% shop online every week or at least a few times a month!

But alas, the internet is no small place. Here are 10 places you can sell your stuff online:


Cratejoy is a marketplace that caters specifically towards subscription-based businesses. It allows you to create your very own storefront in addition to a listing on a marketplace entirely for subscription boxes.

The Highlights:

  • The only marketplace specifically for subscription boxes
  • Join a community – lots of help groups so subscription box owners can help and learn from each other
  • Subscription School – an educational resource to help subscription box owners grow and succeed
  • Marketing – Being on Cratejoy’s marketplace gives you access to newsletters, paid advertising on your behalf, and placements in a variety of online publications and time with influencers!

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription commerce business online. Try it free for 14 days.


Bonanza is a seller-centric global online marketplace that is dedicated to their sellers.

  • No charges or fees until you start making money
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Automatically remove background clutter from your photos
  • Syncs with other online channels you sell on

Direct Eats

Direct Eats is an online marketplace geared towards specialty foods.

  • Direct Eats takes care of payments, taxes, and shipping for you
  • Caters towards specialty foods — if you’re in this niche you’ll be able to reach your ideal audience
  • Not a whole lot of autonomy– Direct Eats handles everything, and they send you a cut of the revenue

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is the world’s largest curated marketplace for vintage and antique goods boasting thousands of independent shops that have items ranging from fine art to dolls.

  • Vintage items are their core business– the traffic that Ruby Lane gets is ideal if you sell vintage goods
  • Fixed price format rather than the auction format of many other sites like eBay or eBid, but they do have a “Make an offer” feature for sellers
  • Each listing is vetted by art and antique professionals, so being on their marketplace is a guarantee of quality
  • Free online shop mentoring to improve your listing


eBay is huge. With over 167 million active buyers worldwide and about 1.1 billion live listings right now, there’s no question that eBay will help you expand your reach.

  • eBay Valet allows you to send your stuff to selling experts who will take care of photos, descriptions, and shipping for a nominal fee
  • Their new “seller hub” gives you access to a number of selling tools like analytics, sales info, listing guidance, and tools for creating streamlined listings.
  • No monthly fees, just 10% of the final sale


eBid, a British company, is very similar to eBay with a nearly identical online auction/bidding system.

  • Cheaper than eBay, you never pay more than 3% of the total selling price and no listing fees
  • Products on eBid automatically show up on Google Shopping
  • Many avenues for listing customization


The online retail giant. With nearly 183 million unique monthly visitors, there are plenty of people preaching the gospels of the amount of exposure and traffic you’ll get with Amazon. However, as with any marketplace, be wary of becoming too dependent on Amazon’s allure of sales.

  • 2 Distinct selling plans – professional plan charges a $39.99 monthly fee, while the individual plan doesn’t charge a monthly fee but charges 99 cents for each item sold.
  • Unparalleled amount of traffic (183 million unique monthly visitors)
  • One of the best fulfillment networks in the world
  • Sell professional services related to your product


Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer surpassing Walmart in 2016, is a massive e-commerce platform that supports consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business operations.

  • Reach a global audience! The world’s largest retailer will help you reach customers in all corners of the world and even help you overcome language barriers
  • Sell in Bulk! – Alibaba’s platform is perfect for selling to sellers and curators that are looking to buy products in bulk
  • Vast library of help resources and videos to help you succeed on their marketplace


Etsy is a global e-commerce platform that seeks to connect buyers with local creative entrepreneurs specializing in handmade vintage or craft items. There are Etsy sellers in nearly every country in the world!

  • Low transaction fee – 3.5% and no monthly fees
  • Reach a large audience (28.6 active buyers) looking for handmade goods
  • Lots of avenues for store customization
  • Wholesale options
  • Lots of opportunities to connect with a community of Etsy sellers

Red Bubble

Red Bubble is a marketplace like many others with one important difference– you don’t actually have to have the products made. You just upload your art or designs and leave the rest to them!

  • Don’t worry about making your products! Red Bubble takes care of all the printing for you.
  • Set your own pricing and retain ownership no matter how many sales your designs generate
  • No need to fumble with delivery or customer service
  • No transaction fees or monthly charges– they set a base price, you set your margin (the amount you get to keep) and that makes the retail price (the price customers see). All

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  1. Another great place to sell your handmade stuff online is the GLC Arts and Crafts Mall. Free for the first 30 days and then just a flat fee of $3.50 per month.

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