2016: Cratejoy Year in Review

2016 was a great year for subscription commerce. Over 900 new businesses launched a subscription box with Cratejoy in 2016. The customer base for subscriptions has also continued to grow rapidly! Sales through the Cratejoy Marketplace were more than 1500% higher in December of 2016 than they were a year earlier.

After reviewing all the data for 2016, here’s some metrics that really stood out to us.


Subscriptions Shipped

Cratejoy sellers were incredibly busy in 2016! 3.7 million subscription boxes were sold, packed up, and shipped around the world.

Active Sellers

2,120 Active Sellers on Cratejoy

We love seeing new subscription businesses launch with Cratejoy! At the end of 2016, there were 2,120 businesses selling through Cratejoy. This is up 67% from 2015. Pictured above is Julie Ball from Sparkle Hustle Grow, who launched her subscription box for female entrepreneurs with Cratejoy in August.

Revenue Numbers

Cratejoy Revenue

Cratejoy sellers made over $135 million sales during 2016, which is helping thousands of small businesses to grow.

Today, I had the day I think we are all striving for… Today I QUIT my full-time job to focus 100% of my attention on BarBella Box. I’ve been in business for one year and can’t believe how quickly we’ve grown. I am screaming from the rooftops! I can’t wait to finally focus my full attention to this growing business for 2017!

Ella Orzy, Barbella Box

We love seeing our sellers encourage each other in the Subscription School Facebook group (where the quote above was sourced), and huge congratulations to everyone who was able to leave their full-time job in 2016 to focus on their passions!

Holiday Sales

Holiday Sales

Although subscription boxes renew each month, the holiday season is still huge for Cratejoy sellers. 35% of all subscription box sales occurred in November and December. We see successful boxes launch every day, but it’s definitely a good idea to have your box up and running by the holiday season.

Customer Metrics

In 2016, nearly 3 million unique customers visited the Cratejoy Marketplace, with over 18 million page views. The market for subscription continues to grow and evolve, and we’re excited to be a part of it!

Top Categories

Top Cratejoy Categories

Subscription box sales on Cratejoy are not dominated by a single large category. However, the performing top verticals in 2016 were: Art & Culture, Beauty & Fashion, and Food & Beverage.


Cratejoy Support

When starting a new subscription business, there are a lot of questions. What is the best billing schedule? How to get listed on the Marketplace? And more! Thankfully, we have a –top-notch support team that was happy to answer your 38,885 questions in 2016.

Thank You!

When we look back at 2016, we’re proud of how many businesses launched on our platform and the customers who were delighted by the subscription boxes they received! It would not be possible without all of you. Cheers to 2017!

Interested in starting your own subscription box business in 2017! Sign up with Cratejoy to get started.

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