5 Ideas for a Pet Subscription Box

It’s not just dogs who are “man’s best friend,” but pets in general. There’s no denying that people have a special relationship with the animals in their lives, whether they be dogs, cats, horses and everything in between. And it is human nature to spoil the people and animals we love. So, help people do just this by providing pet subscription boxes!

1. Dog subscription boxes

Whether they’re small dogs or big dogs, shaggy or trim, young or old, there are plenty of ways to help owners out with their pups. Think about everything a dog would love – treats, chew toys and dog food can all be bundled up into a convenient box to be delivered every month.

2. Cat subscription boxes

Cats may be lower-maintenance than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they deserve their very own subscription box any less. You can include some toys, food, grooming items, and even some apparel. Best to keep the cats nice and warm!

3. Bird subscription boxes

While there are plenty of options for dogs and cats, there are fewer out there for birds, so it’s definitely a market worth exploring. Boxes can include bird supplies, toys, food and treats, and even some training toys for the bird lovers out there.

4. Pet food subscription boxes

Provide high-quality, nutrition-packed and healthy pet food for customers, delivered straight to their door. As an added bonus, and a point of difference, you can even provide pre-measured meals for customers so all the hard work is done for them. Many pet owners are racing home after work to feed their dogs, cats, birds and other animals. Take the stress out of the situation for them.

5. Pet toy subscription boxes

Whether it’s treats or toys, keep pets healthy and happy by providing new and interesting ways to keep them entertained. Consider offering a few options depending on the type of pet they are. For example, indoor cats will require different toys than outdoor cats. By customizing your orders, you’re widening your client base.

Starting a subscription box business

Starting a subscription box doesn’t need to be hard, but you do need to do your due diligence. Of course, first comes the idea. So when coming up with your idea, be as specific as possible. Ask questions like “What is my niche?”, “Who are my competitors?” and “Who is my customer?” Check what your competitors are doing right and what they’re doing wrong, and then make a list of what you need to do differently to increase your chances of succeeding.

Once you have your idea, it’s a matter of going through some processes to ensure you’re on the right track.

  1. Price your box. Cratejoy offers calculators you can use to help you find the most appropriate price for your box. These take into consideration your products, the cost of the box and materials themselves, shipping, and then, of course, profit. There will be some other costs to consider including fixed monthly costs, such as email management software and accounting software, as well as your time to actually physically pack the boxes.
  2. Build a prototype box. The prototype box doesn’t need the exact products you’re going to be sending out each month. It’s designed to give potential subscribers an idea of what they can expect if they subscribe. You can use the prototype box to stage your images, build buzz on your website and social media, and even get feedback from family and friends. When building your prototype, it also gives you an opportunity to figure out your suppliers, packaging and shipping methods.
  3. Create your website and social media accounts. It’s important to build buzz for your product before you actually launch. If you’re not a technology whiz, there are plenty of programs that can help you. Alternatively, find someone in your network who may be willing to put in a couple of hours to help set everything up for you.
  4. Launch day! Congratulations, you’ve launched your box! Notify customers of the first shipment date and start taking orders.

Once you’ve actually launched, though, the hard work only increases. You still need to build your brand and reassess everything as you go along. Each month, set aside time to analyze what went right and what went wrong. For example, was your shipping time OK, or can it be sped up? Were your suppliers pulling their weight?

You also need to keep growing your subscriber base, so keep marketing, ask for referrals, and remain active on social media.

Why you should start a pet subscription box

There’s something special about pet owners. If you’re a pet owner yourself, you have an intrinsic understanding of what others want and need for their beloved animal. That’s why starting a pet subscription box can be the perfect career move, or side hustle, for you.

Making a business out of your hobby means you’ll genuinely enjoy what you do. While there are tax benefits, access to wholesale pricing and flexibility to enjoy, there’s also the added bonus of putting smiles on pet lovers’ faces everywhere. And making their lives much less stressful. Wouldn’t you love it if someone did that for you?

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