9 Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online



You can sell almost anything online, or at least exchange it for something of equal value. For merchants and buyers, the place to be is on the internet, where even a home-based entrepreneur in a small town can sell to a global marketplace. Here are nine websites that will allow you to sell items online for a nice profit:

Subscription boxes: 

Cratejoy lets anyone start a subscription business easily without needing any programming or design experience. With companies like Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox finding huge success in recent years, more people are discovering how much success can be found running a subscription business. People are searching and subscribing to everything from books, soaps, snacks, wrestling collectibles etc and you too can build a successful business jumping on the trend. Have a look at how search for “subscription box” has grown over the last few years:

Subscription box trend

Cratejoy offers a free 14 day trial, start here.

Old Cell Phone:

ExchangeMyPhone offers instant quotes after assessing the value of your old phone based on its make, model and condition. You can accept the offer or donate the proceeds to a charitable institution of your choice. The site also recycles old, unserviceable units. They offer free shipping and pay through check or PayPal.

SellCell allows you to view and compare current prices for a particular phone unit on their website. They accept older models and provide an immediate offer. A plus: SellCell offers a Best Price Guarantee – you either get the most money for your old phone or gadget, or give you a refund based on double the difference between their price and the highest price you could find.

Rare Items, Designer Brands and In-Demand Stuff:

eBay provides the best online marketplace for niche selling. From vintage clothes and electronics to antique jewelry and rare collectibles, you have a better chance to sell your stuff online here than anywhere else. A plus: you can perform a “compared listings” search to find other similar items that have already been sold. Ebay also has a global reach and is generally a trusted marketplace.

Bonanza only has 25,000 businesses registered but what it lacks for in number of sellers, it more than makes up for in its total inventory. If you specialize in high-end fashion clothing and have plenty of choices to offer, Bonanza is an excellent place to sell your stuff online.

Large Items, Services, Rentals:

Craigslist allows the sale of large, heavy items such as furniture, garden equipment, heavy tools, and gym equipment, even cars. Craigslist is also a popular website for posting jobs, services and rentals.

Crafts and Handmade Items:

Cratejoy is another great place to sell your crafts and handmade items. Cratejoy makes it very easy to sell items as a subscription or even as gifts hence the growth over the last year or two.


99Designs is a great marketplace for highly creative designers of logos, business cards, book covers, banner ads, web pages and t-shirts. Designers do have to compete for clients via an online design contest but if they win, they get the prize money.

Clothing and Accessories:

Copious and ThreadFlip cater to sellers who want to cash in on their slightly used clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. After the seller sends the items, the websites offer to take care of the rest of the work, keeping only a percentage of the sale. You could also choose to manage the delivery process yourself and share a smaller portion of the sale with the host website.

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