Announcement: Partners Chosen for the Pilot Marketplace Prelaunch Program


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with a pilot Marketplace Prelaunch Program – an effort that will help prelaunches become more accessible for potential subscribers & more successful for Cratejoy sellers who use the Marketplace.

You can read more about the pilot here.

We received nearly 100 applications for the pilot program and saw an overwhelming show of excitement, interest, and passion by the community. It was agonizingly difficult to choose just a handful of partners, but we’ve narrowed down the list to the following four partners.

See their application videos and learn more about why we chose them below!

(PS: We will be doing this again, so if you applied this time but didn’t make it in, stay tuned for the next announcement!) 

1. Call Number

Call Number is a library-inspired book subscription celebrating contemporary Black literature and authors. Each month, subscribers will receive a newly-released book alongside 4-5 themed items every month, like trinkets, prints, postcards, and more.

Why they were chosen:

We’re inspired both by the mission behind the box & the uniqueness it holds for a book subscription. We’re excited to see the development and execution of the idea!

2. Adorned

Adorned is positioned to attract one of the most unique subscription box niches we can think of: goth culture. The boxes will focus on either goth accessories or goth makeup, and we’re excited to see the growth & direction of the business.

Why they were chosen:

The passion behind this applicant and her past experience in subscription boxes makes Adorned a great submission. We’re excited to explore this new market with such an excited partner!

3. All Girls Shave Club

All Girls Shave Club has all the detail, right in the name. Each month, subscribers are to receive both razors and high-quality shaving care body products. Move over, boys!

Why they were chosen:

We love the focus on curating a high-quality shaving experience at an affordable price, not just including razors but also body goods. We also think this is a unique space that has big potential. 

4. STEM Reads

STEM Reads is a book-centric STEM subscription. Each month, members will receive uniquely themed books; for example, a moon-themed box would contain books about the moon, a moon rock, and worksheets to reinforce what you learn from the books.

Why they were chosen:

The fourth partner was chosen by community vote, and they made the runner-up list for good reason. Their passion, commitment to their industry, and excitement behind their ideas made STEM Reads a fantastic candidate for the prelaunch pilot.

Updates on the Pilot Marketplace Prelaunch Program

As we begin the pilot, stay tuned in our Subscription School group and here on the blog for updates from us and the partners in the pilot.

Thanks for following along & to everyone who applied!

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