Announcing Cratejoy API

We’ve been hard at work building infrastructure and systems so that we can better serve your growing businesses. We’re happy to announce that documentation for the Cratejoy API is now available!

One thing that’s been made clear time after time is that we can’t predict all of the creative ways a subscription commerce business can be run. We’ve focused on our core and made it more extensible and accessible.

Now you can build your own tools, integrations, and automation using the Cratejoy API. This allows you to create more customized storefront experiences, as well as custom back-office tools to better fit your specific business needs.

We’ve built out the following key features:

1. Seller API
✓ Full access to your Cratejoy management tools programmatically
✓ Ability to pull data more discretely from the platform
✓ Create and take advantage of connected services

2. Storefront API
✓ Read access to your store and request data via Javascript to customize user experience
✓ Endpoints for current customer management: build custom interfaces for your customers to manage their subscriptions, accounts, etc.

3. Webhooks
✓ Subscribe to events on Cratejoy to receive a post from our servers when they happen
✓ Integrate with many existing APIs (such as Zendesk or Hipchat)

We’d love your feedback. If you have a use case you don’t think is addressed, or there’s an area that needs more clarity, please let us know!

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