Announcing Cratejoy’s 2nd Prelaunch Program

Hey Cratejoy family,

If you’ve been with us since fall of last year, you may remember the Cratejoy Prelaunch Program, where we worked with a handful of up-and-coming sellers to help launch their box on Marketplace and snag them as many subscribers as possible.

Spoiler alert: it was awesome.

So awesome, in fact, we’ve decided to take everything we learned from the pilot and launch a Prelaunch 2.0.

Why are we running another Prelaunch program?

As you know, a proper prelaunch campaign can make or break a new subscription box business. But what we’ve learned is that running a prelaunch is hard – really hard. It requires a mix of business fundamentals and marketing chops to build an audience from ground zero (all while trying to validate your idea)!

If you’ve been following the discussions in the Subscription School Facebook group, you know that there are always a ton of questions about prelaunches. From what we’ve seen, it’s clear to us that sellers:

  • Need help setting up their businesses
  • Want guidance through the prelaunch process
  • Aren’t sure how to market their box

We want to fix all that.

So what’s in store?

Today we’re happy to announce that the next edition of our new Seller Prelaunch Program will open up for applications on Monday, May 15th.

Our previous batch of sellers (like All Girls Shave Club & Call Number) saw stellar results from the program, and we hope this round will make prelaunching an even smoother and profitable experience for our next batch of subscription-preneurs!

As such, we’ll be releasing another blog post in the coming days with more details about what you can expect from the application and what we’ll be looking for in our next set of partners. We learned a lot from the pilot and are excited to put that knowledge into action.

Thanks for your help with this exciting new program and stay tuned for more details!

About Cheyenne Smith

Cheyenne Smith is the Content Marketing Manager at Cratejoy. She also helped run Cratejoy's very first Prelaunch program and can't wait for round two.

One thought on “Announcing Cratejoy’s 2nd Prelaunch Program

  1. This is amazing and so helpful that you are doing this. I know I have been spinning trying to figure it all out. I am definitely entering fingers crossed !!! Xx

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