Announcing the Graduates of Cratejoy’s Fall 2018 Accelerator Program

Recently, Cratejoy wrapped up our inaugural Subscription Box Accelerator Program, an intensive six-week course for selected subscription box entrepreneurs. Participants at all different stages of their business journey worked to build a prelaunch (or relaunch) campaign to onboard new leads, grow their subscriber and social media bases, and develop a strong marketing presence, among other goals.

Although we previously sought the help of business professionals and lawyers… [t]he program gave us the tools and strategies to approach situations – such as negotiating prices, communicating strongly with vendors and customers, and how to maintain a strong online/social media presence – with more understanding than before.” -Melanie McKnight and Sarah Khan, Unplugged Book Box

The Accelerator’s array of mentor-led webinars, weekly office hours, challenging ecommerce tasks and supportive Facebook community of experts and participants helped our merchants to launch their businesses successfully within three weeks of the program’s close.

“The live mentorship and direct access to industry experts made launching a subscription box business smoother… [in the Facebook community,] the Accelerator Program provided us a group of talented individuals with diverse skill sets who could help resolve hurdles in minutes.” -Paul Nguyen, Half It

Our Accelerator Program was extremely selective, with hundreds of applicants, and proved challenging for those selected. Throughout it all, the program’s first-ever cohort strove to excel in their assigned tasks: always tweaking their work to do better, offering support and guidance, and leaning on others for feedback.

A huge thank you to the Cratejoy Accelerator Team of Fall 2018! I have grown as a subscription box owner, and strengthened my overall business in many areas…. Our group in the program was encouraging, supportive and kind – so excited to see everyone launch and grow together!” -Betsy Wild, We Craft Box

It’s been an amazing experience to see this community grow as individual entrepreneurs and as a group. We feel confident that these businesses will go on to do great things as they grow and scale!

Read our list of successful Accelerator participants who launched by the end of the program – and check out their Marketplace listings below.

Andi Brown, Andiamo

Experience the regions of Italy at home with Andiamo, the premier subscription for exploring authentic, handcrafted Italian foods and products.

Megan Beirne, Baby Eden Bundles

Baby Eden is the perfect monthly treat for new mothers and women preparing to be mothers, with individualized snack subscriptions based on where you are in your fertility journey.

Denise Gilmore-McPherson and Kala Garner, BetternessBox

Meet your wellness objectives with BetternessBox’s curation of luxurious beauty, bath, fitness, and self-care products each month.

Julie Moses and Doug Corbett, Bliss Kit

Every month, Bliss Kit offers subscribers the opportunity to achieve higher wellness through specially designed mindfulness rituals and organic, high-quality body and beauty products.

Kimmie Iula and Katie McCormick, Bold Blossoms

Treat yourself to fresh flowers each month with Bold Blossoms, which delivers a beautiful, specially-designed bouquet to every subscriber.

Pam Farley, Comic Crate

Comic books are perfect reading material for reluctant readers, English language learners, and kids in general – each month they can engage their imaginations and learn with new stories.

Kate Borgelt, Everyday Manifest

Every month, subscribers to Everyday Manifest will receive the tools they need to achieve a new 30-day challenge – whether their own personal goals or EM’s included prompts – with a journal, vision board, and other inspiring, motivational products.

Michael Green, Frenchie Box

This subscription caters to French bulldogs and the people who love them, with 4-6 fun, exciting toys, treats, and other products for your doggo.

Jan Patel, Glamour Jewelry Box

Get a new set of high-quality jewelry monthly, with a boutique bracelet, necklace, and earrings or ring in every box.

Paul Nguyen, Half It

Athletes will love Half It’s mix of international foods, protein-rich snacks, workout apparel, and outdoorsy gear from already-beloved brands as well as Half It’s own unique products.

Lauren Samar, Happy Hook Crocheting

Whether you’re a longtime crocheter or a novice, Happy Hook has a craft project – and tools – for you, from beginner projects like shawls to more complicated endeavors like hats or afghans.

Cornelia Brantner, HelloBible

Christian families will love one of HelloBible’s two subscriptions, which provides your child with an educational activity book and craft kit each month inspired by a story from the Old Testament or the Gospels.

Dalton Hamilton and Cassie Shey, High-Strung

Receive a brand-new set of premium guitar picks and strings for acoustic or electric, based on your preference, every month.

Sarah Jane Alleman, The Introverted Chick

Introverts will love this subscription box, with a curation of fun, sardonic gifts for those of us who prefer solitude.

Jennifer Jaki Johnson, Jetsetter Chic

Ambitious, adventurous women will love this subscription’s variety of luxury travel products, gourmet snacks, and travel news.

Elizabeth Rupp, Kawaii Craft Kits

Kawaii Craft Kits sends subscribers the tools to create Japanese crafts at home, featuring a different craft style each time.

Katie Gross, The Lash Artist Box

This bimonthly subscription is perfect for professional lash artists, with a ton of high-quality tools and supplies – and an exclusive community of industry professionals – to advance your career training at a fair price.

Brionne Downs, Maven Bliss

Ambitious women can reach career goals and personal peace with Maven Bliss’s self-care products and an exclusive, inspiring online community.

Shannon Dahlberg, Mr. E’s Super Slime Club

Families who subscribe to this educational monthly box receive the necessary ingredients and scientific instructions to experiment with their own specialty “slime,” allowing children to practice science in a fun, safe environment.

Edita Armatuni, Muse Illuminate

Learn how to excel in your professional and personal goals with Muse Illuminate’s motivational bestsellers, workbooks, and exclusive online tools.

Justin Coldiron and Ursurla Padilla, My Athlete Box

Women athletes at any budget will love My Athlete Box, with three subscription tiers offering everything from healthy foods and supplements to athletic gear, natural bath and body care, and workouts specially designed for subscribers.

Jay Vinson, My BBQ Box

My BBQ Box curates spice rubs and recipes to feature a unique regional cuisine of American barbecue each month.

Alyson Simons, My Be Better Box

My Be Better Box is the official subscription box of the Be Better Movement, with tons of tools and high-quality products to inspire women to live their best lives through simple, healthy challenges each week.

Kathryn King, Mystic Authority

Enjoy the best of the world-famous Tucson markets with a Mystic Authority subscription, certified by a shaman to invigorate and enhance your spiritual practice.

Virginia Chochon and Marie Heiland, Naples Olive Oil Company

Aspiring cooks will love these monthly pairings of premium, infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar from an artisanal small business.

Cheri Tracy, Orglamix

Orglamix, a successful vegan beauty line, has launched into the subscription space with three subscription tiers: a general beauty box, a pressed glitter box, and an eyeshadow box.

Heather Kain, Project Pinup

Project Pinup, a themed jewelry and fashion subscription for retro, rockabilly style, is thoughtfully curated – and handcrafted – by longtime jewelry makers.

Kristen Faulkner, Reclaim Yourself

This self-care box – including products like motivational books and workbooks, relaxing tea blends, and luxurious aromatherapy – offers you the opportunity to develop your goals and pamper yourself along the way.

Donna Ledbetter, Short Story Book Club

Short Story Book Club is a book box with a twist, focusing on underrated genres – like novellas and short stories – with a featured collection and discussion guide for readers in each box.

Wendy Lattimore, Snail Mail for Kids

Children receive a weekly letter from Sunny the Mail Snail about his fun, imaginative and educational adventures across the globe.

Joe Bereski, Sports Box Co.

This subscription ships your child curated boxes for their favorite sport, with training equipment and gear to grow their skills.

Ashley Greeno, Ten Thousand Cookies

This gluten-free cookie subscription offers the twist that the proceeds of each box goes toward fundraising the Greeno family’s adoption.

Sarah Khan and Melanie McKnight, Unplugged Book Box

Readers can treat their brain and soul with Unplugged’s monthly book – always a newly released novel – and assorted self-care products.

Angela Warner, The V Spot

Crafters can enjoy all kinds of cool fashion projects with The V Spot’s vinyl appliques, surprise items, and custom instructions.

Betsy Wild, We Craft Box

We Craft Box offers your family the chance to bond, with art projects for parents and kids to make together.

Melanie Tawil, The Whole Box

Accomplish Whole30 goals with the Whole Box, which provides gluten-, soy-, dairy-, and sugar-free snacks – and an all-natural household product.

Fabiola Romain, Wisely Made Men

Pamper the special someone in your life with Wisely Made Men, an all-natural subscription of beard care products.

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