5 Ideas for Starting A Home-Based Business

Let’s face it: we live in the golden age of the side hustle. It seems like everyone these days is trying to make money from home — and why not? The Internet has made it possible to start a myriad of home-based businesses. Whether you’re looking for extra cash or want to make your home-based business your primary source of income, look no further.

Start a subscription box business

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Opening your own subscription box service may sound more daunting than the other ideas below, but this option will also net you the greatest and steadiest profits, as you’ll have recurring revenue from each subscriber. (See how Barbella Box maximized its recurring revenue in our case study!)

A subscription box business allows you to be creative — you get to design your box and curate its contents — while building upon skill sets you already have (as you’re likely interested in the niche you’re appealing to). Running your own subscription box business will also help you grow into a savvier businessperson overall, as you’ll be learning how to source, budget for, and market your products, as well as fulfilling customer needs.

Sell your DIY projects

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Do you like crafting? Baking? Painting? Do-it-yourself skincare? Then you might have a future as a seller on Etsy. Becoming a professional DIYer (whether your specialty is snarky embroidery projects, jewelry, or letterpress) gives you an outlet to make money doing what you already love. Keep in mind, though, that income flow from selling your wares will be inconsistent by its nature; while you may see sales spike during the holidays, that’s no guarantee that sales will always be strong.

Freelance as a writer

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Websites are often in need of someone to write reviews, blogs, or other content (that quirky ad copy doesn’t write itself!). Moreover, freelancing will build you a portfolio of clips, which helps if you’d like to spin content creation into a full-time career. However, this has the same problem of inconsistent or low income. You’ll really need to put yourself out there — and track when/by whom you’ve been paid — if you’re freelancing.

Grade or tutor students for exams


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Organizations like ETS, which produces and evaluates standardized tests like the SAT, GRE, and AP subject exams, need “scorers” to grade student tests online. Shifts are assigned; all you have to do is be at your computer when the time comes. Scorer qualifications can be difficult to clear, however, if you do not have professional experience in education. If that’s the case, you might check out tutoring websites to make extra cash.

Take advantage of the gig economy


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Consider what skill sets you already have. You might not be a crafter, writer, or teacher, but you can probably do odd jobs for people through a site like Fiverr or TaskRabbit. Depending what users are looking for, your pay will fluctuate. But this also creates variety — you might buy groceries one day, then paint someone’s house or edit documents the next.


Curious? See why Cratejoy’s Marketplace is a no-brainer for subscription box business owners.

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