The Best Videos for Your Marketplace Listing & Why They Work

So you’d like to create a product video for your Marketplace listing, but you’re not sure where to start. What makes a good video? Should it be like a commercial, an unboxing, or what? Are commercials too tacky, or are they a good way to grab viewers through humor? Is it awkward to film a unboxing if you’re just starting out?

Below, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best merchant videos across the Cratejoy Marketplace. These videos engage potential subscribers, demonstrate the box’s value proposition, and show off the brand in question through unique, fun methods. Take a look!

Shaker & Spoon

It’s clear right away that this video from Shaker & Spoon does an excellent job introducing their box and value proposition to the viewer in a fun, comprehensive way. But how is it actually doing that? Let’s break it down.

What Makes This Work

  • Excellent graphic design. As a text-heavy video – few live action shots or Instagram-worthy photos here – it’s crucial that the graphic design be high-quality, high-resolution (no visible pixelation here!), and eye-catching. The design achieves the last requirement through bright, contrasting colors; frequent, fast color changes for the background and text captions; and the quick pacing of the message.
  • Energetic, happy mood. This is the most important element of what makes this video so strong. Every part of this video – whether visual, audio, or text – collaborates to build a feeling of enthusiasm! Look at the vibrant color scheme, energetic pace, or fun use of emojis. Even better, listen to the music! The song that Shaker & Spoon features here is in a major key and includes a noticeable drumbeat, which sounds joyful and makes it easy for viewers to follow the rhythm. The music even includes a faint chorus of voices to encourage the viewer to join in and clap, as if they’re at a party. (Notice how this chorus doesn’t kick in until the company branding appears?)
  • Voiceover AND captions. You’ve noticed already that the majority of this video is made up of text explaining Shaker & Spoon’s value proposition, what comes in the box, and how the subscription model works. But consider why it’s worth transcribing the voiceover here into text captions. This serves several purposes! First, it ensures that if a viewer is watching on a small mobile screen or on mute, they’ll be able to understand the message. Second, it makes this video much more accessible to viewers with sensory disabilities. And third, it creates a clear narrative. There’s no chance of a viewer missing out on any detail about the subscription process or product curation if they receive this information on two fronts.

Adults & Crafts

As you can see, the Adults & Crafts Crate takes a very different tack to create a fun, engaging and persuasive video. Here, the subscription box’s value proposition is introduced to the viewer through humor and heart. As we all know, though, it can be hard to be funny! Let’s take a closer look at how, exactly, Adults & Crafts achieves this.

What Makes This Work

  • Relatability. You know what they say: “It’s funny because it’s true.” This video opens with a (fake) factoid posed like a question: “Did you know that 95% of Pinterest pins end at the pin… and never come to fruition? That statistic might be made up, as the voiceover confesses, but nevertheless, it feels true to us because it’s relatable. Almost anyone who’s used Pinterest would likely admit that they’ve pinned DIY projects they never got around to doing. It’s the relatability of this joke, plus their immediate confession that it’s made up, that makes this funny. Even better? The question sets us up to hear Adults & Crafts’s value proposition: “We are here to fix that.
  • Clear how-to’s. The rest of the video demonstrates, efficiently and a little jauntily, how the Adults & Crafts Crate works: we see her order online, receive a box at her door, and create various craft projects. Additionally, the voiceover sounds chipper and emphasizes what you gain from using Adults & Crafts as your go-to for crafting – namely, convenience, the chance to discover new experiences, and higher affordability. 
  • Cheerful, fun mood. The carefree music here, humor, and clear expressions of happiness on the woman’s face go a long way to creating a feeling of joy and enthusiasm in this video.

Reading Bug Box

As you might expect for a children’s book club box, this video by Reading Bug Box is sunny and optimistic, with a catchy tune and easy-to-follow unboxing experience. This might be targeted at anyone from age 5 to 50!

What Makes This Work

  • Clear messaging. From the opening shot with Reading Bug’s logo and branding, it’s clear that their value proposition relies on curating for each customer. In other words, every box is “perfectly personalized by the Reading Bug”! This isn’t just a monthly book club, it’s a surprise gift every month selected just for your child and their particular reading interests and needs.
  • Highlighting multiple unboxings. Reading Bug really drives home this personalization message with the visual narrative here. Using a personal note (presumably from the customer) to introduce each unboxing gives the viewer context; each set of books and bonus items is put together for this specific child’s age, likes, and interests. Reading Bug Box isn’t sending out the same books to everyone each month, but curating directly for your loved one.
  • Sunny, catchy tune. No video for children would be complete without a happy tune that’s easy to sing along with, and Reading Bug Box really nails that core element here. It’s fun, cheerful, and the melody is made for a singalong. What’s more, the words underline how important reading can be for opening one’s mind and building confidence.


Therabox, a self-care subscription founded and curated by therapists to decrease stress and increase joy, does an excellent job reflecting a calm, relaxed, and content vibe throughout this video. In other words, it’s a near-perfect reflection of their brand; the viewer gets a sense not only of what they can expect in a given box, but what to expect from the company.

What Makes This Work

  • Cute, fun stop-motion technique. The visual style here is, well, entertaining! Because this footage is stop-motion, rather than straightforwardly shot, the concept feels fun rather than staid. This technique also allows the video to incorporate more “magical” elements like waving a hand over the packaging to reveal what’s beneath, or a full teacup appearing, waiting to be sipped. It feels surprising and even a little enchanting, just like a moment of true relaxation feels after a long day of work. 
  • Simple, clear concept. It’s not difficult to grasp what’s going on here: this is an unboxing video, pure and simple. The head-on camera angle offers an exact view of how a Therabox appears when it arrives and displays clearly everything a subscriber can expect to receive. 
  • Bouncy, clean tune. Notice a trend? The music featured in this video isn’t far off, in terms of sound, than the songs featured by any of the previous videos. Again, we have a fairly straightforward melody – in a major key – to create a sense of joy. The added sound effects, too, help to build a feeling of community and understanding.

Standard Dispatch

Unlike the boxes that we’ve looked at so far, Standard Dispatch is primarily targeted toward a male audience. As a result, the brand’s marketing efforts will be developed partly with that aim. The business certainly takes a different tactic in their video to demonstrate value proposition than what we’ve seen before, and to great effect! Let’s break it down.

What Makes This Work

  • Engaging music. The background music in this video is just as upbeat, but sounds faster and more complex. There’s a lot of instrumentation going on here. That can help to keep viewers paying attention (and bopping their heads!) throughout the video, even without a traditional “story.” Since there are no characters or voiceover in this video, the more complex music helps develop a strong feeling of energy and excitement.
  • Unique focus on process. There’s no attention paid to product curation, packaging, or product use here. Why? Because Standard Dispatch’s value proposition, like Reading Bug Box, is in personalization. Every month, subscribers receive one handcrafted product monogrammed just for them. So it makes sense that Standard Dispatch is best served by showing their value proposition in action – monogramming in real time.
  • Variety. This video shows a ton of designs and products, from engraving to laser-printing, embossing, and more. Subscribers can glean what they might receive from Standard Dispatch and the depth of the company’s technical expertise.

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