What’s the Difference Between a Subscriber and a Customer?

As a business owner, you often talk about your revenue coming from your customers –– the people who purchase your product. In a traditional sense of the word, “customer” doesn’t imply much more than that: a person who purchases your goods or services with money or some other form of compensation. Depending on the nature of

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The Challenges of Operating a Subscription Box

As you know, the merits of subscription commerce are at the heart of this blog. It’s our goal here to explore strategies, case studies, and other realities that surround the e-commerce industry, specifically with a focus on recurring monthly product offerings (i.e., subscription boxes). But while there are many perks of this model, we also need to examine

Scribbler Unboxed | Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of Cratejoy’s new merchant success series, “Unboxed”. Each month, we’ll learn tips, tricks, and subscription box secrets from Cratejoy’s top merchants. First up: Victoria Scott, Ryan Scott, and Lindsay Cummings from Scribbler! (Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.) What made you pursue Scribbler? Scribbler is the only subscription box for

Customer Acquisition: How to Get to 1,000 Customers

Join us! Connect with over 10,000 subscription box entrepreneurs like you in Cratejoy’s private Facebook group for Subscription School Is your subscription business hovering around a few hundred customers? Can’t quite seem to crack the code on customer acquisition? There may be a few simple, cost-effective strategies you’re overlooking. “Customer acquisition” relates your strategy of finding

6 Ways Subscription Box Companies Can Save Money on Shipping

Join us! Connect with over 10,000 subscription box entrepreneurs like you in Cratejoy’s private Facebook group for Subscription School No, not that type of shipping! We’re talking about how you get your product to your customer. Shipping is a huge expense for every subscription box company. In fact, it consistently represents one of the highest expenses in subscription

6 Ways to Acquire More Customers for Your Subscription Business

“Customer acquisition” may sound intimidating, but in short, it deals with the art of growing your business. As you “onboard” (bring in) more subscribers, you increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue and generate more data regarding your average Customer Lifetime Value. Moreover, purchasing becomes much easier! Customer acquisition is centered around 6 main methods: free (also known as “organic”) social