Blogging Success for Subscription Startups


Blogging can help you communicate with current subscribers and potential customers, gain and maintain a good reputation, and increase your sales exponentially. An entertaining, well-written blog breathes life into the business it serves and helps spread the word via its valuable content. In short, you need a blog to push your business’ success to the next level.

The Ultimate Subscription Business Glossary

When it comes to launching your subscription business, there are tons of terms you’ll need to become familiar with. Every department, from procurement to customer support, has it’s own set of acronyms, formulas, and terms that when understood, help you better communicate your ideas and execute on operations. This glossary should help you decode the terminology

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What is Birchbox’s Monthly Churn Rate?

This was originally an answer I posted on Quora in response to the question: What is Birchbox’s Monthly Churn Rate? I’m estimating that their churn is approximately 8 or 9%. I suspect it started very low (near 5% in 2011/2012) and has slowly ramped up as they have reached serious scale (now, 55 months in