A Simple Guide to Google Analytics

“Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” -Bob Parsons, Founder of Go Daddy

An online presence is practically a given in order for any small business to grow. However, just creating a website and hoping that people will find and engage with your content is not enough to propel your company into success. There are many powerful and free tools that can help you understand your web traffic, but Google Analytics is the best way to gain true, actionable insight. For 10 years homegrown and startup companies have been using Google’s software to improve their business. So can you

How to Hire an Awesome Product Photographer

Online sellers have a lot of explaining to do. There’s no sales rep on the floor guiding customers through available inventory. Your buyers can’t touch or feel the quality of your product through a virtual storefront. In ecommerce, what you see is what you get—which makes contracting a professional product photographer absolutely essential to your success.

Beautiful, clear images sell. It is that simple. Photos add personality, context and value to your brand, even if what you’re selling inside your subscription box is always changing. While there are many tools and resources for DIY photography, hiring a professional is your best bet. They understand what works and can help plan shoots, scout locations and select props.

We caught up with Gerry Flynn, Cratejoy seller and owner of Austin’s paleo food service “Fixed Foods.” He gave us an inside look at how he hired a photographer to bring his brand and products to life for his online shop.

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription box business online.

4 Tips for Creating a Business Name That Sells

Choosing a name for your business is a daunting task. This is especially true if you have multiple partners and are trying to reach a consensus.

A name is the identity that will drive your company and will often be the deciding factor for customers choosing between two similar products or services. A great name tells a story, legitimizes your business and inspires brand advocates. The foolproof way to create a business name that sells is to embark on a good ol’ brainstorm session.

Here are four things to consider when brainstorming a company name:

How to Hack Reddit for Subscription Ecommerce Growth

Reddit is a risky marketing tool that can put your subscription e-commerce business right in front of your target audience and result in fast-paced growth. Reddit’s simple user-interface is prime real estate for finding communities of people talking about your products and industry.

There’s only one problem: Reddit is also territory for trolls, and trolls hate marketers. Navigating the Reddit waters might be scary because negativity online often catches fire and users will call you out publicly if they are suspicious of your sales pitch. In order to hack Reddit, enhance your brand and positively impact growth you must:

How to Pitch Your Subscription Ecommerce Business to Bloggers

Subscription-model ecommerce businesses are sprouting up across various industries and prove that the market for consumers seeking out niche products delivered to their door is much larger than expected. Box of the month startups have many options for growing and finding new customers through social media, content marketing and paid promotions. Pitching well-known bloggers is a great method for putting your product in front of your target audience.

Before you start sending cold-emails and asking bloggers to write about your business, it is important to understand bloggers are people too. A well-curated blog is often a person’s full-time gig or passion project that they deeply care about. Don’t waste their time by failing to research their audience or the topics they usually cover. Make sure your pitch is thoughtful, personalized and free of spelling or grammatical errors.

We chatted with Stephanie Bruce, Founder and Owner of PäshBox, a monthly scarf subscription service. In our Q&A, Stephanie explains how to discover and engage bloggers that are valuable for business.

3 Design Tips for an Attractive Subscription E-commerce Site

Good website design can make or break your subscription company’s success. The goal of an e-commerce landing page is simple: attract customers, provide product insight and create a user-experience that convinces users to spend time and money. Having a well-designed theme or layout optimized for conversions can help you acquire new customers and increase revenues. Here are three tips for designing an attractive subscription e-commerce site.

10 Tools for Managing Subscription Ecommerce Growth

Launching a subscription e-commerce company is no walk in the park. First, you work endless hours to test your target market, develop a product and create a branding strategy. Then, you set up an online storefront that is beautiful, responsive and functional. Finally, you begin your marketing, advertising and subscriber acquisition efforts.

That’s it, right? Instant Birch Box-level success?


We’ve already gone over the 4 things to decide before starting your own subscription box, but what are the best tools for growing and managing your new e-commerce startup? Here at Cratejoy, we rely heavily on certain tools to help us collaborate, stay organized, manage workflow and grow. Our sellers have also given us the scoop on their 10 go-to tools for managing their subscription box business.

Don’t Ignore Customers Who Cancel

I was just about to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription the other day – I noticed I wasn’t using it as much as I used to. I clicked the cancel subscription button and was immediately taken to a new page.

“We’re sorry to see you go, but would you consider keeping your subscription and get a free month on us?”

A whole free month!? I started thinking about why I got Hulu Plus in the first place – “You know I really do like having it, and a free month is a huge bonus.”

I kept it.