6 Ways to Acquire More Customers for Your Subscription Business

“Customer acquisition” may sound intimidating, but in short, it deals with the art of growing your business. As you “onboard” (bring in) more subscribers, you increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue and generate more data regarding your average Customer Lifetime Value. Moreover, purchasing becomes much easier! Customer acquisition is centered around 6 main methods: free (also known as “organic”) social

Subscription Box Procurement: Understanding Vendors, Customers, and Your Business

Join us! Connect with nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs like you in Cratejoy’s private Facebook group for Subscription School Choosing products for your box, often called procurement, is one of the most exciting and important parts of your business. Depending on your performance, customers will choose to continue or cancel their subscription. Before you embark on the

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The Best Carriers for Subscription Box Shipping

Shipping is one of the core operations of your subscription business. Partly because it’s built directly into COGS (cost of goods sold), a good or bad shipping experience can come to define a customer’s experience with your subscription box. You may wonder, then, which carrier is best for subscription box shipping. Generally, your options come down to four

How to Write the Perfect Shipping Notice

shipping notice

Join us! Connect with nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs like you in Cratejoy’s private Facebook group for Subscription School In business, there are two major types of email: commercial emails, which include marketing and company communications, and transactional emails. Transactional emails are based on specific actions (or inaction) taken by the customer, and more of an official notice

How to Price Your Subscription Box

Join us! Connect with nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs like you at Cratejoy’s private Facebook group for Subscription School Deciding how to price your subscription box is an important part of starting your business. It’s here that you pay for your product and make profits to pay your staff. Moreover, the box price you set can indicate your

Everything You Need to Know about Custom Packaging for Subscription Boxes

Join us! Connect with nearly 10,000 subscription box entrepreneurs in the Subscription School Private Facebook Group If done correctly, your physical packaging can be key to improving customer experience, and even help drive down churn. It’s on your packaging that you control your brand; it’s a visual storyboard that should both excite the customer and work to your