Case Study: How Nomadik Grew Their Subscriber Base by 12X in Six Months

Nomadik Box Contents Outdoors Subscription

In 2016, Patrick Hines founded Nomadik, the premier subscription box for outdoor adventurers. Nomadik delivers 3-5 high-end, unique, and multi-function outdoor- and adventure-related items per month. Boxes start at $26/month and are valued up to $50. After listening to a podcast from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, Hines got the idea to start a subscription box. In doing his research, Hines noticed subscription

Bumble Brain Box

Sania Jamil runs Bumble Brain Box – a monthly brain development box for infants & toddlers (0-3 years old) to stimulate social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and auditory development. Each box comes with 5-10 sensory toys, a book, assessments, 10+ learning activities, and membership for a private group with child development experts. How did you come up with

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription box business online.

Case Study: How Muse Monthly Achieved a 697% Increase in Gross Revenue through Cratejoy’s Marketplace

Muse Monthly the Muse contents Tea and Bookmark

After a series of high-pressure jobs, Christina Blok decided to start a subscription box based on what helped her de-stress and escape from everyday life: books and tea. Cut to 2015, and Muse Monthly was born, bringing with it the perfect subscription for lovers of literature and tea. Listing on Cratejoy’s Marketplace: The Results It

How a Stay-At-Home Mom Turned Her Art Into Success

Bookish Box is a heartwarming success sfory

May 2016 will mark the one-year anniversary of The Book(ish) Box, a subscription crate spinoff of the Appraising Pages Shop that launched last spring, packaging exclusive T-shirts with fandom- and literary-inspired, useful and beautiful handcrafted objects sourced from other artisans and small shops. That first box sold less than 100 subscriptions, against the owner Justine’s