Announcing the Fall 2018 Cratejoy Subscription Box Accelerator Participants

Last week, Cratejoy commenced our first-ever Subscription Box Accelerator Program for subscription box entrepreneurs. This intensive six-week program is the culmination of the last six years of work at Cratejoy studying and learning from our merchants and subscription customers! Through education and mentorship by successful subscription box entrepreneurs and the Cratejoy team, our participants will

Launching Cratejoy’s Subscription Box Accelerator

Cratejoy was built to help people start subscription box businesses and to make subscriptions accessible in a way they had never been before. As a frontrunner in the recurring revenue space, Cratejoy helps entrepreneurs monetize their creative potential by curating experiences around their passions. After spending six years analyzing the subscription box market and learning from

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription box business online.

Cratejoy Feature Announcement: Customize Checkout Marketing Settings

It’s now easy to collect a customer’s email marketing preference at checkout. Under the “Marketing Settings” option, merchants have two options: Customers must opt into marketing email or Customers receive marketing email by default, with the extra option of customizing their marketing terms and conditions if the merchant selects the former option. Customers receive marketing emails by

Join Cratejoy for Small Business Week

National Small Business week is fast approaching and Cratejoy is thrilled to announce our lineup of events, partners, and $1,000 contest kicking off Monday, April 30, 2018. Schedule Each day, we’ll cover a different topic critical to growing your small business. Here’s the breakdown: Monday 4/30 – Day 1: Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks Tuesday 5/1 –

How Cratejoy Is Preparing For the GDPR Rollout

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), scheduled to go into effect May 25, 2018, impacts Cratejoy merchants who are either based in Europe or sell to European customers. In preparation for the changes, we’ve put together a list of steps Cratejoy is taking to comply with GDPR as well as a few you can take

Cratejoy Expands Marketplace After 500% Traffic Increase [Press Release]

Marketplace Now Welcomes Established Subscription Boxes and Non-Cratejoy Merchants Austin, TX (Feb. 22, 2018) – Cratejoy, the world’s only SaaS-enabled marketplace, announced today an expansion of the Marketplace after the company reached more than 40 million marketplace page views in 2017. As part of the expansion, Cratejoy will now allow established e-commerce businesses not currently on

Cratejoy’s Add-Ons/Up-Sell Feature Update

We’re thrilled to share that our top-requested Add-Ons feature (also known as “up-selling”), has been helping our merchants drive additional revenue since its launch in September of 2017! The feature is free to use and available in the Cratejoy app store. So…what exactly is the Add-Ons/Up-Selling feature? With this feature, you can increase your revenue