Cratejoy Feature Updates: October 2018

Today at Cratejoy we’re excited to announce three new features you can add to the seller dashboard, just in time for the upcoming holiday season: the abilities to move a box shipment, to move a customer’s next renewal date, and to edit an order’s gift message. These three procedures are imperative for holiday shopping, when

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription box business online.

How to Create a Subscription Product in Cratejoy

In Cratejoy, a “product” is your subscription box. Check out the short video and post below for information on naming your product, setting a shipping schedule, and more. In this article Picking your product’s name and description Deciding your shipping schedule Pricing your subscription box Setting subscription terms (1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month prepaid options)

Product Update: Setting Your Expected Ship Date

Bar none, the most common question Cratejoy sellers receive is “Where’s my box?” And for good reason – if consumers buy something without any indication of when it will arrive, it’s likely they’ll feel frustrated or confused. Luckily, Cratejoy has released a product update that addresses this pain point for both sellers and subscribers: the Expected Ship Date

Product Update: Paypal Comes to Cratejoy

Sellers, get ready to celebrate: your most-requested feature has finally landed at Cratejoy! After months of working with PayPal and testing in private beta, we are happy to announce the payment processor is now available for all sellers on their Cratejoy websites. We’ve been working since the beginning of the year to offer sellers a PayPal experience

Product Update: Control Growth and Generate Leads with Sold Out Mode

Subscription box owners, rejoice! Cratejoy’s latest product update allows sellers to temporarily put their marketplace listing in Sold Out Mode whenever they’re unable to accept additional subscribers for the month. Why is this important? Previously, running out of inventory meant having to de-list from the Marketplace entirely. Now with Sold Out Mode, sellers are able to stay visible on

Product Update: New Designer

Good news, Cratejoy family! Our website design tools are new, improved, and better than ever. With a focus on code-free features, we’re happy to announce our rollout of the New Designer. What’s So New About the New Designer? Cratejoy now allows users to add pages, develop color palettes, rearrange sections with drag and drop tools, choose from over 300