Cratejoy Marketplace Is a No-Brainer For All Merchants. Here’s Why.

With over 3 million monthly page views, Cratejoy’s Marketplace is the go-to destination for all things subscription boxes.

It’s no surprise then that more than 80% of merchants on Cratejoy choose to list on the Marketplace in addition to creating their own websites.

With unparalleled exposure to subscription box fans, there are many benefits to listing on Cratejoy’s Marketplace, including zero-risk subscriber acquisition, marketing, and search.

If you’re thinking of listing on the Marketplace, here are a few reasons to take the leap.

Zero Risk, Zero Effort

Being on the Marketplace is a great way to acquire new customers without having to dump your budget into marketing spend. For every subscriber acquired via the Marketplace, a merchant pays a recurring 10% on the total transaction fee while the subscription is active.

How is this zero-risk, zero-effort?

On average, businesses can spend $20-$200 to acquire each customer without any guarantee of how long they will remain active. This is known as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

But if you’re on the Marketplace, Cratejoy fronts all customer acquisition costs on your behalf, taking on 100% of the risk. You pay only when someone buys your product, and only while they remain active.

In addition, acquiring new customers can also require expensive resources and effort on a regular basis. This includes compensation costs for marketers, account managers, agency fees, content creation, and other fees that can sneak up on you. Being on the Marketplace eliminates all of these risks and expenses.

Let us illustrate with an example: Your box is priced at $40 for a single month. Your cost to acquire a customer is at $30.

As you can see, CAC on the Marketplace can be lower than your own efforts, and any risk associated with cancellation falls onto Cratejoy. Merchants pay no upfront cost to list their box on the Marketplace, only a 10% recurring fee when they earn subscribers through the Marketplace. Plus, you don’t spend any of your own valuable time, effort or resources to acquire these customers.

Consideration for Cratejoy’s Marketing Efforts

Cratejoy has one goal: to get you as many quality subscribers as possible. To achieve that goal, we have an in-house marketing team that works to drive box lovers to your listing pages through email, content, PR partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

Though marketing is not guaranteed for every merchant, Cratejoy only promotes marketplace merchants. In the last year, we’ve been able to get our merchants’ boxes in front of market audiences like Buzzfeed, Marie Claire, HelloGiggles, and more.

In a single month, we’ve driven sales to over 900 merchants. And that number continues to grow as more merchants join the Marketplace and Cratejoy’s campaigns continue to gain traction.

“The Marketplace is bringing me customers, driving sales, and giving my business credibility. No extra effort in my part required. It’s a no-brainer!” –Humberto, Abuela Mami

“Going with Cratejoy’s Marketplace has been one of the best business decisions I have made since opening up shop.” –Rochelle, Quirky-Crate

“The Cratejoy Marketplace has been amazing for our business. With their help, we were able to get into Buzzfeed our first month of operation and sell out completely. To date, they have helped us increase our subscriber numbers by over 800%” –Christina, Accio!

“Cratejoy’s Marketplace is a must have for any subscription ‘box’ (or sack ;)). At SnackSack, we feel the entire Cratejoy team is working for us! They create opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to participate in.” –Jonathan, SnackSack

If you’re interested in learning about how Cratejoy chooses merchants for marketing campaigns, check out our top 3 tips.

Marketplace as a Discovery Tool

Though Cratejoy’s marketing efforts are an added bonus to being on our Marketplace, one of the greatest benefits of creating a listing page is the organic search tool.

When a typical shopper visits Cratejoy, they’re browsing for boxes of interest rather than knowing exactly which box they want to subscribe to. Our search tool helps interested parties find your box in a way they otherwise wouldn’t.

In fact, 96% of all Cratejoy searches are for generic terms like “geek” or “beauty,” which leads to the discovery of relevant boxes.

This benefits both subscribers and merchants, as site visitors who weren’t previously aware of your product can find it through Cratejoy’s on-site search tool, blog posts, and videos.

Ready to Join the Marketplace?

If you’re ready to join the ranks of fantastic merchants already on Cratejoy, check out our help doc on how to join the Marketplace, tips for a great listing, and more insight into how we choose merchants for Cratejoy’s marketing campaigns.

Cratejoy is an all in one subscription commerce platform that includes everything you need to start your own subscription commerce business online. Try it free for 14 days.

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