Introducing Cratejoy for Shopify

Building on Our Roots

Founded in 2013, Cratejoy began as a SaaS platform providing an all-in-one solution for people looking to start, manage, and grow their own subscription box businesses. In that time, we’ve built additional features to increase the capabilities available to merchants, as well as grow the subscription ecosystem by building the first-ever subscription box marketplace.

In the five years since we started, technology and the subscription box landscape have changed. Merchants’ expectations have evolved and we’ve seen the need to build a more flexible, customizable solution to leverage some of the best ecommerce functionality currently available. We aim to enhance the value we provide to our current and future merchants by being the best-in-class tool used to handle rebilling payments, regardless of the channel or the website host.

Shopify Powered by Cratejoy

We are excited to share with you Cratejoy for Shopify, our first-ever Shopify app, connecting the premier subscription box solution with the leading ecommerce platform. Cratejoy for Shopify allows a seamless experience that will give you more power and flexibility as you grow your ecommerce business.

With this integration, you can easily connect your Shopify website with Cratejoy to launch or grow your subscription box business. Adding recurring revenue as a new revenue stream helps existing ecommerce companies expand into new customer segments, predict revenue, and increase customer lifetime value.

What Will It Cost?

Cratejoy for Shopify will cost $19/mo + 1.25% +$0.10 per transaction. For this price, merchants will get full access to all Cratejoy app features, as well as a free listing on the Cratejoy marketplace and integration with third-party apps.

Looking Forward

Cratejoy is just getting started. We’re excited to kick off the first of many integrations by starting with the biggest platform: Shopify. Soon we’ll be releasing Cratejoy for Shopify to a private beta group before an official launch in the Shopify App Store. In the upcoming months, we’ll announce new features, partnerships and integrations to enhance our value and vision for Cratejoy.

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