How to Create a Cratejoy Marketplace Listing

Cratejoy is the world’s premier subscription box marketplace. With over 3 million monthly visitors, it’s pertinent that subscription box owners optimize their Cratejoy Marketplace listing with conversions in mind. That means tight copy, stellar photos, and clear expectations for subscribers.

To get started on your listing, check out our brief walkthrough video and blog post on creating (or updating) your Cratejoy marketplace listing.

In this article

  • Writing copy for your listing (0:21 – 1:20)
  • Choosing your marketplace categories (1:21 – 1:51)
  • Creating a list of features (1:52 – 2:26)
  • Setting your target ship date (2:27 – 3:05)
  • Creating a Marketplace coupon (3:06 – 3:12)
  • Uploading product photos (3:13 – 4:43)
  • Optimizing your listing for search (4:44 – 5:19)
  • Linking to your social media (5:20 – 5:34)
  • Previewing & submitting your listing for approval (5:35 – 6:21)

Writing copy for your listing

There are four main listing page sections you’ll need to fill out before submitting your listing for approval: the brief description, main headline, detailed description, and list of features. See our tips on each section below:

Brief Description

Think of the brief description as your elevator pitch: If you only had five seconds to describe your box to a potential subscriber, THIS is what you would say.

From a user experience standpoint, the brief description appears on your listing page and any search results that are relevant to your box – so make sure it’s perfect!

Brief description examples:

  • Luxury book subscription for travelers who want to give back
  • Craft beef jerky delivered to your mailbox
  • Sensory toys to engage your child in fun, therapeutic play

Main Headline

This is the headline for your detailed description and should entice people to keep reading. Think of it as a catchy header for the more informative copy below.

Main headline examples:

  • Make great drinks. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you
  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Turn Your Tub Into A Spa

Detailed Description

This section is a short paragraph that allows sellers to expand on their box offerings and detail what subscribers can expect to receive each month. You can also describe who would be a great recipient or purchaser for your subscription box. If your box donates to charity or supports any causes, this is a good place to include that information as well.

Detailed description example:

“Every month, Get Wagging delivers a fun and seasonal collar for you and your dog to enjoy. When your next collar arrives, we also include prepaid return packaging so that you can give back to an animal in need by donating your Get Wagging collar from the previous month. Your gently-used collar is then reused by a dog who needs one.”

Choosing your Marketplace category

Marketplace categories determine where your box shows up on the Marketplace. In this step, merchants are able to select up to 3 categories or 3 pairs of parent/child categories for their box.

It’s of the utmost importance you select categories that represent your box and the products inside. Proper categorization makes it easier for interested subscribers to find your box on the marketplace.

Creating a List of Features

This bulleted list of features is an eye-catching way to make sure subscribers know exactly what they’re getting with your box. Total retail value, number of products, shipping, and other informative details are great for this space.

List of features example:

  • Shipping included in monthly cost
  • Full-size products, not a sample box!
  • Box retail value is always $70+
  • Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Crystals, Incense & Other Eclectic Items

Setting Your Target Ship Date

Did you know that subscribers are 40% less likely to cancel if they know when their box will ship? In an effort to reduce churn and eliminate customer uncertainty, Cratejoy created the target ship date field to answer the question, Where is my box?

If you recall from the “How to Set Up a Subscription Product” post, we recommend closing orders on the last day of the month, shipping by the 4th of each month, and renewing on the 11th of each month.

Relaying that information to your subscribers might look something like this: “We ship between the 2nd and 4th of each month. Order by the last day of the month to get next month’s box!”

Creating a Marketplace coupon

Whether you’re participating in a marketplace flash sale or would like to give an additional incentive to purchase, creating a marketplace coupon is the easiest way to offer discounts on your product.

Coupons require either a dollar or percentage discount off the full price of the box, descriptive text with an applicable coupon code, and specification on the number of times the discount will apply to purchase. To see the full walkthrough of how to set up a coupon on the Marketplace, check out our coupon help doc.

Uploading product photos

Photos are the most visual element of your listing page and can make or break your ability to attract a customer.

For Marketplace listings we recommend between 4 and 10 well-lit, high-quality photos that showcase your box and branding, as well as the types of items subscribers can expect to receive each month.

Not ready to invest in a professional photographer? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of how to improve your photos for the Marketplace (pro tip: try natural lighting).

Optimizing your listing for search

The SEO portion of your listing set up ensures that the right customers can find you with ease on Cratejoy’s Marketplace. When thinking of your search terms, imagine the kind of phrases a potential customer would google if they were looking for a subscription box.

Depending on the theme of your box, you may find it more beneficial to go broad search terms like “new age,” more product-focused terms like “crystals,” or a mix of both.

Linking to your social media

Cratejoy allows merchants to link to outside marketing channels from their listing page. Considering linking your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or website to your listing to make sure current and future subscribers can stay in touch with your brand.

Submitting your listing for approval

The last step you’ll take before pushing your listing live is submitting it for approval. Before doing this, we recommend previewing your listing to make sure it looks up to standards and then saving it as a draft. Once you’ve filled in all the appropriate fields and are satisfied with our listing draft, feel free to submit your listing page for approval.

In 1-2 business days, a Cratejoy representative will review your listing and wither send you an approval confirmation or tips on how to improve your listing before it goes live.


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