Feature Update: Box Showcase

Good morning! Here at Cratejoy, we’re excited to announce an update to our Past Boxes feature as well as our rollout of a brand-new feature launching on your Marketplace listing: Box Showcase.

What’s Box Showcase?

Remember the Past Boxes feature? Well, we’re making one major change: now in addition to showing off your previous boxes, you can show off the box you’re currently shipping.

That’s right! You can offer a sneak peek of your Current Box to your potential subscriber audience on your Marketplace listing. Even better? You’ll also have a call to action (CTA) badge encouraging visitors to subscribe by your unique order-by date.

Current Boxes will display below your box information (and YouTube video, if your listing utilizes that feature) and above your customer Questions & Answers. Here’s an example of what this exciting new feature looks like:

Image credit: We Craft Box

What happens to Past Boxes?

Now, your business can showcase up to 12 Past Boxes on your Marketplace listing! These will display in the same place as they currently do on your listing. Here’s an example from MindWander:

Your Current Box will become a Past Box automatically after the order date passes. 

How to Set It Up

On the Listing page of your merchant dashboard, click on the new “Box Showcase” tab. (This tab replaces the “Past Boxes” tab.)

Here’s what the Box Showcase interface looks like:

You need to select which type of box (“Current” or “Past”) you’re setting up and input the name of that month’s box, along with a short blurb describing the box. We recommend including the total retail value of the box, a few (but not all) spoilers of what the box includes, and if applicable, that month’s theme for the box. The purpose of this blurb is to excite your existing and prospective subscribers about their upcoming box, so think of this as a movie preview in words!

Want an example? Here’s one description:
August’s box theme is California Chic! This box will include 3 coordinating jewelry pieces perfect for showing off your summer tan. August’s box will also include a Rejuvenating Mask Moisturizer worth $40 to help your skin recover from time spent outside in the hot sun. The retail value of the box is $125+ and contains a special surprise for subscribers!

You must also upload a photo for your Current Box and enter your order-by date, so potential subscribers know when to sign up. After this date, your Current Box will automatically convert to a Past Box on your Marketplace listing. (Note: A photo is required.)

After you’ve set up your Current Box, just submit your listing changes for approval and you’ll be all set!

More questions?

Take a look at our help doc to get started!

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