Happy Holidays from Cratejoy!

Yesterday our CEO Amir sent out an amazing video update on our progress. You can should watch the whole video below if you haven’t already seen it.

Did you watch it? It’s okay, I can wait.

It’s a great sneak peek, right? Everything is really coming together. But wait, is there something you’re really hoping for that we haven’t added yet?

I knew it; this is the perfect time to show off our really great feedback system. I’m sure you’ve seen it on our homepage – a little orange question mark in the bottom corner.

You’re right, Aly, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know what that is!

It’s our feedback tool! This is how we know what you’re looking for when you eventually use our platform.

Yeah, but do you even look at it?

YES! We do! In fact, BECAUSE of this tool, we are adding certain features. It’s really the best way for us to know exactly what you’re looking for. So use it. Post new ideas and vote for ones that you think are great.

I tried to make this post correspond with a popular holiday jingle, but it just couldn’t happen – I am as disappointed as you are.

Happy Holidays!

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