Happy New Year from Cratejoy

It’s amazing to sit back and think about how much has happened just since we launched the Cratejoy platform into the public beta in mid-October. During that time, we’ve seen incredible growth and momentum, indicating to all of us at Cratejoy that subscription is truly on the cusp of taking over the e-commerce industry. We were featured in a number of high-profile publications, including The New York Times and Wired; we launched Subscription School, a space exclusively for dialogue among subscription experts; and we even made it onto Fox News to share some of our “Made in America” sellers (like A Little Bundle, pictured above) with the hosts of Fox & Friends. We now have over 1,000 sellers on the Cratejoy platform, and the number of subscribers for each of our sellers continues to grow every day.

The best part is that we’re only just beginning. Over the next year, we plan to offer further advancements to our platform, making it even easier to create and manage your own subscription business. Eventually, we want Cratejoy to become synonymous with the subscription industry, and we feel that we’re well on our way towards that goal. As for the Cratejoy Insider, expect no shortage of posts. We’ll continue to produce seller Q&A’s, “tips and tricks” on running your subscription box, and general updates and announcements from Cratejoy on a regular basis.

If you aren’t already, please continue to support us on social media, both on Facebook and Twitter. Have a question for our staff? Send us a note to support@cratejoy.com anytime! We are always here and happy to help out with even the smallest of issues or questions you may have.

So, to all of our sellers, subscribers, and friends, we just wanted to take this moment to say Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support. We are happy to begin this year on such a positive note, and we are looking forward to continuing to spread the Cratejoy brand with all of you.

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