Helping Brands Flourish with Cratejoy’s New Subscription School Initiative

Being an entrepreneur is stressful, scary, and rewarding all at once. There’s inherent risk involved in developing an idea and putting all of your time and energy into making that idea a successful reality. At Cratejoy, we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed and today, we’re happy to announce a new initiative, one that will seek to educate those wanting to learn the ins and outs of the subscription business; something that will teach you how to operate your own small business, even if you have absolutely no experience doing so. We call it Subscription School.

Subscription School is a full-fledged content portal full of rich information including easy-to-understand and comprehensive guides that walk you through how to design, build, and scale a successful subscription business at any stage or experience level. It’s completely free for anyone to use and it’s our way to help sellers build brands and flourish as self-sufficient digital companies.

If you’re thinking about diving into the exciting and rapidly growing subscription box business, Cratejoy’s Subscription School will guide you from start to finish. Already run a subscription box? No problem! If you’ve been at it for a while and want to learn about a specific issue, you’ll be able to find robust educational tools and resources written by subscription commerce pioneers and other experts on many different subjects.

Subscription School launches today with five core areas of focus:

Packaging & Product Development: guides on product procurement, custom packaging, etc.

Shipping & Fulfillment: the difference between outsourcing and in-house fulfillment, and a best practice guide to re-billing and shipping.

Customer Service: how to deal with tough customers, and how to replace a lost or missing box.

Entrepreneurship: leadership skills, startup lessons and team building.

Customer Acquisition & Marketing: key performance indicators for subscription boxes and subscription box specific marketing guides.

Overall, we want to connect you with subscription business experts and find preferred vendors who can help with shipping, box design and customer service.

The subscription business is rapidly growing, which means sellers need to move quickly to get up to speed and remain competitive. With Subscription School, sellers are able to learn, engage and walk away with useful tools and insights to drive a successful business. If there’s a question or topic you don’t see covered, let us know, and we’ll be happy to put something together!

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